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This document summarizes milestones in the Z39.86 Part A and Part B revision cycles.


Z39.86 Part A (Authoring and Interchange) Timeline

ZedAI Milestones
Phase Status Date Deliverable
First Public Working Draft DONE 2009-05-28 First early preview working draft
Second Public Working Draft DONE 2009-12-23 Second working draft, nearing feature completeness
RC Working Draft DONE 2010-03-09 Feature Complete Spec + Profiles + Features
  • after this release, bugfixes and prose polish is all that remains
First public RC DONE 2010-05-21 Will be followed by submission to NISO as Draft Standard for Trial Use once the specification is considered stable.
  • validation tools development starts
  • XSLT suite development starts
Draft Standard for Trial Use 2011-03-28 Will be followed by submission to NISO Board for certification after the six month review period ends on September 28, 2011.

Z39.86 Part B (Distribution) Timeline

The process for development of Part B is divided in two distinct phases:

  • Phase 1 (December 2009 to September 2010) which focuses on getting the core profiles to a testable/reviewable state excluding the the video and forms features. This phase also yields an early outline of the specification.
  • Phase 2 (September 2010 to December 2010) which focuses on feature development, primarily the video and forms features, in parallell to finalization of the core specification.
  • Note: we have an explicit dependency on the EPUB 2010 revision cycle, all dates specified below are assuming that the EPUB 2010 revision closes before end 2010

ZedDist Milestones
Phase Status Date Deliverable
Inception Phase End 2009-12-22 Publishing of a strawman agreed to be mature enough to move on to draft manufacturing
First Public Working Draft 2010-09-15 (tentative, depending on IDPF revision) First Public Working Draft, which includes:
  • A skeleton/outline specification
  • Schemas, Samples and Spec documentation for the core profiles and the core document types of those features
  • Definition of extension points for features, but no concrete implementation requried (forms and video feature are developed for second WD)
  • Excludes Epub in this phase
Second Public Working Draft 2010-11-17 (tentative, depending on IDPF revision) Second Public Working Draft, which includes:
  • A finalized draft specification
  • The forms and video features
  • Adding the Epub spec
  • Refinements and fixes to the core profile definitions made in WD1
  • Addition of peripheral document types to core spec (annotations, semantic overlay)
Draft Standard for Trial Use 2010-12-17 (tentative, depending on IDPF revision) Submission to NISO as Draft Standard for Trial Use
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