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  • May 21, 2008 Version 3, Slight mods made in reviewing for preparation to send to GK
  • April 7, 2008 Version 2, links updated for non-admin area KK
  • April 1, 2008 J. Sutton, Version 1
  • Notes about items that I apparently still need to enter as requirements:
    • I Need to enter additional Requirement Related to DOI.
    • Also, updates GK sent via email regarding outstanding issues have not been made, yet.
    • Also, I have some note about a requirement being needed about lists not being implemented correctly, but I will need to figure out who can help with that as I don't know where my note came from.
  • KK: Need to do an analysis of ratings?
    • Generate a list, once items moved over to Wiki, based on most important to least?
    • Give a short paragraph or two summary as to how much rating was done so we can know how seriously submitters took it?

Pre-existing categories

Requirements Taxonomy Ideas Beyond the Categories that pre-exist in the Database

Supporting New Representations -- sign language and symbols

Use of and Support for Video


Potential to be Braille Related

Requests related to Paragraphs

Further Ease of Production from Single Source File

Use Cases that May Require Little or No Change to DAISY Standard

Training in how to produce content and/or use production tools is what is required here. Usability Issue that is producer-dependent

Use Cases that Might Make Good Reference Implementations

Establish a Single File Type

Requirements that should have notes or supplemental documents attached to them


Cataloguing and Metadata

Implementation of Role Attribute

Block and Inline

Issues with Nesting


Images and Their Descriptions




Compound Documents

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