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This page is the central point for all activity related to vocabularies in Zed. Other related (but now mostly historical) pages are:

  1. Initial investigation into RDF and Taxonomies
  2. Consideration of how to represent a vocabulary
  3. Analysis of the Chicago Manual of Style's publication components


Broad goals:

  1. Enable mainstream software to understand DAISY-namespace elements
  2. Enable DAISY software to understand elements from namespaces outside the DAISY specification

In order to facilitate this communication, a taxonomy is required. Its purposes are:

  1. to define fundamental relationships of DAISY constructs to others' constructs.
  2. to be a point of reference for profile/module creators or even other specifications when introducing and describing new constructs.
  3. to provide role attribute values for use by distribution profiles of DAISY.


The vocabulary documents are written in RDFa, which allows the machine-readable data to coexist alongside the human-readable descriptions.

New vocabulary items are still being added. For tracking new requests, we request that working group members use this bucket.

Note that, in addition to the items in the vocabularies defined here, any CURIE can be a role value and any element from another language can be a role value (read here for more on that last part).

Available documents

All available vocabulary definitions are in the rdf folder in the zednext repository.

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