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NISO Z39.98-2012 Authoring and Interchange
Working Group Main Page

What is the Z39.98 Authoring and Interchange Framework?

Please refer to ZedAI_Introduction for a gentle introduction.

The current version is available at http://www.daisy.org/z3998/2012/

A page with user information is available at ZedAI_UserPortal

Working Group

  • Markus Gylling, DAISY, TPB (lead)
  • Kenny Johar, Vision Australia
  • Ole Holst Andersen, Nota
  • Marisa DeMeglio, DAISY
  • Stephen Phippen, RNIB
  • Per Sennels, Huseby
  • Boris Goldowsky, Center for Applied Special Technology
  • Matt Garrish, CNIB
  • Sam Ogami, California State University
  • Dennis Leas, GH Braille
  • Josh Altherr, GH Braille
  • Leona Holloway, Vision Australia
  • Kathryn Randall, Vision Australia
  • James Pritchett, RFB&D
  • Christian Egli, SBS
  • Christian Waldfogel, SBS


The work of the Z39.98 Authoring and Interchange working group is sponsored by:

Oxygen XML

Oxygen XML Editor

Work Plan


  1. The Z39.98 Authoring and Interchange Framework Specification
  2. A set of Profiles (and underlying schema modules)
  3. Documentation of Profiles and Modules
  4. Sample Instances/Test Suite
  5. Supporting deliverables
    1. Full-featured validator

Timeline Overview

  • November 2008: onset
  • May 29 2009: first public working draft -- release of complete set of deliverables (excluding supporting deliverables)
  • May 2009 to May 2010: 1-n further public working drafts
  • May 2010: Release Candidate 1
  • March 28, 2011 to September 28, 2011: Draft Standard for Trial Use -- release for formal NISO public review process
  • August 2012: final release of standard (including supporting deliverables)

Iteration Reports


  • Weekly conference calls, 1 hour. Calls will be at 15:00-16:00 UTC Mondays beginning 29 September 2008.

Minutes of Conference calls

See ZedAI telcons

Subgroup Pages


F2F Info

LAX F2F March 2009

This F2F is semi-virtual. Participants who wont make it to LAX will join via the net (Skype is the default communication medium).

  • Date: 23d and 24th March
  • Time: The meeting starts at 8AM PST (UTC 16:00) each day.
  • Venue: LAX Marriot (room TBD)
  • Agenda: see ZedAI_F2F_20090323-24

The target is to bring the framework into a state where it comes as close as possible to publishing as a first z39.98 committee-internal, feature-complete draft.

The work will be performed through division into subgroups (whether you are participating virtually or not) and recurring reports/briefings.

Virtual participants are encouraged to free up as much time as possible during these two days. Due to the time difference vis-a-vis Europe, european participants will form their own subgroups with their own workitems.

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