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DAISY 3 Structure Guidelines
Last Revised: June 4, 2008

This Statement of Principles represents the minimum standard to be met by Libraries for the Blind and producers of material in DAISY format.

The DAISY Consortium endorses the following: Alternative format productions should be a faithful representation of the published works to ensure that individuals who are blind, or have a visual or print disability, have access to the same information as the rest of society. Libraries or other producers of accessible format materials who adopt these Principles assure readers that their accessible publications, regardless of country of origin, represent the original published work as closely as possible.

In terms of these principles, accessible is defined as follows: the print document is rendered in a format which enables a reader with a print disability to extract information from the document as easily and as fully as possible.

The DAISY Consortium supports the following principles in the creation and production of alternate format materials:

Prepared for: DAISY Consortium and IFLA: Section of Libraries for the Blind
Date: January 27, 1999