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Release Notes for DTBook-2005-3.dtd January 16, 2008

The DAISY/NISO Standards Advisory Committee receives issues submitted through the issues tracking database at: http://www.daisy.org/z3986/issues/. The Advisory Committee has reviewed a set of issues and addressed problems with this second maintenance release to the DTBook DTD. The detailed information on each issue can be reviewed in the issues tracking database.

The issues were reviewed and the DTD was tested prior to this release. Please submit any problems you may have through the issues tracking system.

Issues corrected in dtbook-2005-3.dtd since dtbook-2005-2.dtd was released, are included as comments in the DTD on lines 663 through 671. They are listed below.

Issues corrected in dtbook-2005-2.dtd since dtbook-2005-1.dtd was released, are also reproduced below for your convenence. This earlier set of issues are included as comments in the dtbook-2005-3.dtd on lines 643 through 662.

Changes from dtbook-2005-2.dtd to dtbook-2005-3.dtd

--  Changed pid, sid, version, and filename for 2005-3 throughout, including documentary comments

--  (Issue 194) Removed superfluous %dtbookblock entity

--  (Issue 191) Updated RFC reference from 3066 to 4646

--  (Issue 148) Updated comments regarding caption/@imgrefs to reflect type of IDREFS, not %URI;

--  (Issue 156) Changed attlist for title to %attrs;

--  (Issue 157) Added @smilref and @showin to bdo

--  (Issue 195) Expanded title content model to include inlines

--  (Issue 200) Added pagenum to imggroup content model

--  (Issue 199) Added pagenum to table and tbody content models

Changes from dtbook-2005-1.dtd to dtbook-2005-2.dtd

--  Changed pid, sid, version, and filename for 2005-2 throughout 

--  (Issue 45)  Changed div model to %docblockorinline to include bridgehead 

--  (Issue 51)  Changed content model for frontmatter.  doctitle now required, order of doctitle, covertitle, docauthor fixed. 

--  (Issue 129) Removed @style from %coreattrs and %attrsrqd 

--  Removed definition of %StyleSheet, since it is no longer needed 

--  (Issues 50/68)  Added xml:space to %coreattrs and %attrsrqd 

--  (Issue 52)  Added %coreattrs (id, class, title, xml:space) to title attribute list 

--  (Issue 102) Changed @idref type for noteref/annoref to %URI to clarify usage 

--  (Issue 102) Modified comments in noteref/annoref ATTLISTs to clarify @idref usage 

--  (Issue 119) Changed @lang to @xml:lang in bdo 

--  (Issue 48)  Corrected reference to RFC2046 in comments regarding @type for a, annoref, noteref 

--  (Issue 65)  Corrected usage comment for meta 

--  (Issue 120) Corrected terminology in section 2 of general documentation comment 

--  (Issue 92)  Added comment deprecating @showin 

--  (Issue 113) Created new entity %externalFlow; for extension elements that are both block and inline 

--  (Issue 113) Added %externalFlow to %flow;, %flownopagenum;, %inlines;, %inlinew;, %dtbookblock;, %block; 

--  (Issue 117) Created new entity %externalNamespaces; for extension namespace attributes 

--  (Issue 117) Added %externalNamespaces; to %coreattrs;, %attrsrqd;, and dtbook 

--  (Issue 113) Added %externalFlow; to %dtbookinline; 

--  (Issues 50/68) Rewrote attribute lists of code and samp to prevent duplication of @xml:space