Hardware Playback Tools

Blaze ET

Blaze ET multi-player

Blaze ET sets a new standard for portable DAISY players. For the first time, blind and visually impaired consumers have access to pocket-sized book players integrated with OCR text-to-speech to capture and read aloud hardcopy printed documents on-demand.

Blaze ET features a numeric keypad as well as several built-in apps including Calculator, Memo and Dictionary. Both Blaze ET and Blaze EZ play audio books and music files from their internal memory or your SD card and connect through built-in Wi-Fi to access online media, podcasts and internet radio. They support more than 20 file formats. Supported are digital files from Bookshare, NLS and Learning Ally. Users can play favorite music or podcasts.

Latest Release: Blaze ET: Digital player with OCR

Use Blaze ET to OCR - capture a menu, magazine article or a library book. Blaze ET can read and play a variety of files including DAISY, TXT, BRL, MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, WMV, OGG, ASF, AAC, AVI, FLAC, 3GP, MPG, M4A, TXT, RTF, HTML, HTM, XML, DOC, DOCX and EPUB. More information is provided on the HIMS International website.

Blaze EZ

Blaze EZ

The new digital book player, Blaze EZ, is classified as a ‘multi-player with OCR’.

Latest Release: Blaze EZ player firmware upgrade

Blaze EZ firmware upgrade v. 2.0 is now available. Registered users can download and play books from Bookshare, CNIB (Canada) and Nota in Denmark. More information is provided on the HIMS, Inc. website.

BookPort Plus

BookPort Plus

Main features:

  • Stylish design
  • Large, easily distinguishable keys
  • Embedded Text-to-speech for speaking the contents of computer files
  • Accessible interface
  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • Rechargeable battery (recharges with AC or USB)
  • Plays Digital Talking Books, audio, and different text formats
  • Supports high capacity SD cards up to 32 GB
  • Flexible file structure. It requires no special file or folder names
  • Creates Digital Talking Books from recordings made on the device
  • Can automatically start and stop recording based on sound levels
  • Can automatically add headings to recordings
  • Plays books from NLS, RFBD (now Learning Ally), and Bookshare

More information is available on the American Printing House for the Blind website.

Latest Release: BookPort Plus firmware update

Version 6.02 Improves responsiveness in large titles. In previous versions, the unit could get sluggish, especially toward the end of the title. Adds functionality to support the optional DAISY Online Download support. Detailed information is available on the American Printing House for the Blind website.

Milestone 212 DAISY Player

Milestone 212 is a Book Reader which opens the world of digital talking books. The newest member of the Milestone family of media players focuses on simplicity. In this spirit the device is reduced to the most important functions, and performs very strong on those. It now supports the playback of DAISY 2.02 and 3, unprotected EPUB 2, MP3, WMA, Word DOC, AA(X), AAC and TXT files.

Latest Release: Milestone 212 Version 4.47.7

The recording volume via integrated microphone is increased for Milestone media players with serial number 600000 or higher. Details are available on the Bones website.

Milestone 312 DAISY Player/Recorder

Milestone 312 DAISY Player

The Milestone 312 from Bones GmbH is the smallest MP3/DAISY Player/voice recorder on the market. Functionalities include audio books player, MP3/AAC player, voice recorder, FM tuner/recorder, alarm clock and RFID tag reader, all integrated into 50 grams, in the size of a credit card. Milestone 312 uses the MP3/AAC/WMA decoder software from DSP Spirit, providing excellent sound quality. It is very configurable to support a variety of reading and listening needs. Functions not used, not purchased or not desired can be disabled/enabled.


DAISY: This pocket-size device provides full access to heading levels, page numbers, phrases, etc. It also supports bookmark setting and switch between books on the memory card.


MP3: The Milestone 312 provides accessible MP3 navigation, supported by audible prompts. Folder names can be tagged with recorded voice.


Voice Recorder: The Milestone's small internal speaker produces crisp, clear audio even in noisy environments. The RFID tag reader allows users to tag and identify daily living objects such as medications, CD's, and food labels.


Milestone 312 has 1 GB of internal memory plus an SD card interface for up to 32 GB of storage. Both work in parallel and are fully accessible via USB connection - no software needs to be installed.

Latest Release: Milestone 312 Version 4.47

Version 4.47 of the software for DAISY Player/Recorder Milestone 312 is now available. This is a substantial upgrade which contains useful new features. Some of the highlights include support for Word DOC files as well as DAISY 3 and EPUB. Go to Bones website for details and download.

Olympus DM-4 Audio Recorder / Player

Olympus DM-4

8GB of internal memory allows 2,000 hours of recording time, micro SD card compatibility extends it to 16GB. Supports DAISY 2.02, Audible.com books, MP3 and WMA and PCM formats. Available in the US.

  • Currently does not support Learning Ally books.
  • VOICE ACTIVATION - makes automatic starting and stopping of the recorder an extra benefit that saves time and energy.
  • OLYMPUS SONORITY - Edit files with Olympus Sonority sound editing software (included), which is compatible with PCs and MACs.
  • VOICE RECOGNITION - Use simple voice commands to create calendar entries, to-do lists and other basic functions.

Latest Release: Olympus DM-4 Version 1.51

To download the latest firmware update please visit the DM-4 and DM-5 Firmware Updates page.

Olympus DM-5 Audio Recorder / Player


The DM-5 is a state-of-the-art voice recorder for European market. With linear PCM, MP3 and WMA compatibility, the DM-5 is ideal for anyone who needs crystal-clear sound anytime, anywhere - from business professionals and journalists to photographers, students, the visually impaired and print disabled. CD-quality multi-format playback and recording combined with sophisticated features like Voice Guidance, Voice Commands, Text to Speech and DAISY 2.02 playback make DM-5 the choice for discerning users. For the latest updates, please visit the DM-4 and DM-5 Firmware Updates page.

Latest Release: Olympus DM-5 Version 1.51

Firmware update Version 1.51 for DM-5. Watch a YouTube video about DM-5 features.



Users can play back their favorite DAISY books, electronic magazines or newspapers. Supports DAISY Online Delivery specifications. High performance built-in speaker provides users with comfortable listening.

Latest Release: PLEXTALK Linio: New Cover

The PLEXTALK Linio is now equipped with an improved keypad cover. In addition to the main functions and navigation keys, you now gain access to the speed and tone keys. For more information, please visit the PlexTalk website.


Plextalk Pocket DAISY Player/Recorder

The PLEXTALK Pocket PTP1 is a lightweight, pocket-sized, DAISY-compliant music, voice, and book player/recorder that reaches a new level of mobility and offers ease of use for business, education and leisure. It is a true crossover media player/recorder which contains a host of applications and which also comes with extensive features that support complete accessibility for people with sight problems or learning difficulties.


Although this tiny player/recorder is only 55mm X 112mm X 16mm (2.2in X 4.4in X 0.6in) in size, it supports both DAISY 2.02 and DAISY 3 playback, records DAISY 2.02 and has recording time capacity of 120 hours. Multiple audio playback formats are also supported. Starting with Version 2.00, PLEXTALK Pocket supports DAISY books provided by major library services and content providers (NLS, Learning Ally, Bookshare in the U.S.), etc. PLEXTALK Pocket features the world’s first wireless LAN function as a dedicated DAISY digital book player. Users can share books or files between their computer and the PLEXTALK Pocket via wireless LAN at home or office without using a USB cable.

Latest Release: PLEXTALK Pocket Firmware v. 6.01

PLEXTALK Pocket PTP1 Firmware Version 6.01 comes with several improvements. For more information, please review the release notes.

PLEXTALK Portable Recorder (Model: PTR2)


PLEXTALK PTR2 replaced the PTR1 and is designed to be a high quality recorder with the ability to create DAISY 2.02 books with audio, headings and pages, as well as music CDs. It can also play DAISY books, music CDs, Audio File CDs and CF cards. It can be used as a CD-RW or memory card drive when connected to a computer. For quicker and easier editing of DAISY content, the PTR2 is supplied with the PLEXTALK Recording Software (PRS). This package provides all the necessary tools to record, edit and finalize audio DAISY 2.02 books. This portable unit has a built-in microphone and an optional external microphone, providing recording versatility.

For more information, please visit the official website for PLEXTALK Portable Recorder (Model: PTR2).


PTN 2 Cross

PTN 2 Cross, reliable and high-quality DAISY player allows you to read various contents on CD, SD card and USB.

Latest Release: PLEXTALK PTN 2 Cross

Available only in Europe, PTN Cross features a cover that offers direct access to the DAISY functionalities. More information is available on the PLEXTALK website.

Pratsam Mobile

Pratsam Mobile is a portable DAISY player that supports cellular networks. The handheld player is customized for use by the blind and visually impaired. For connections, a standard SIM-card provided by a network operator is used.


  • Supports high-speed data networks such as HSPA
  • Tactile buttons and guiding voice
  • Bookmarks and sleep timer support
  • Adjustment of playback speed and volume
  • Supports micro-USB charging and standard SD-cards
  • Headphones support
  • DAISY 2.02 support (all types with full audio)
  • DAISY Online Delivery Protocol support

Link to product page: http://www.pratsam.com/pratsam-mobile-product.html.

Victor Reader Stratus12 M

Stratus12 M

The Stratus12 M plays DAISY and MP3 books and music on CDs, SD cards, and USB flash drives. It has built-in text-to-speech to play digital text-based documents. The Stratus12 M includes a 12-key telephone-style number pad for direct navigation functions such as going to specific heading, page, folder, or file numbers.

Latest Release: HumanWare Victor Reader Stratus12 M

More information about this player can be found on the HumanWare website.

Victor Reader Stream (New Generation)

Victor Reader Stream 2

HumanWare has introduced a new version of the Victor Reader Stream media player for people who are blind or visually impaired. It’s now smaller, smarter and wireless. Yet, it retains the tactile keypad access, and simple bookshelf navigation.

Latest Release: Victor Reader Stream Version 4.7

What’s New in Version 4.7?

Detailed information is provided in the HumanWare newsletter and on the HumanWare website.

Victor Reader Stream CD Accessory

Users can combine the world renowned Victor Reader Stream and a special CD accessory. Perfect for people who do not have a personal computer. This is the easiest way to transfer a collection of DAISY books to CDs onto one single, portable audio playback device, without the use of a PC.

Latest Release: Victor Reader Stream CD Accessory

This accessory makes it easy to transfer a collection of DAISY books on CDs onto one single, portable audio playback device, without the use of a PC. Details are available on the HumanWare website.

Webbox 2

Orion Webbox

Webbox 2 is a compact device with a simple user interface that allows you to listen to audio books, newspapers, magazines and news programs. Users can have access to the latest news and newspapers without having to wait for DAISY CDs. More information is provided on the Webbox 2 website.

Latest Release: Webbox 2 by Solutions Radio

The unique Webbox 2 keeps you in touch with the world. It is an Internet radio, an online DAISY player and so much more. Learn more about all features and read user stories on the Webbox 2 website.