Conversion Tools and Services

DAISY 2.02 Regenerator

The DAISY Regenerator is a software tool designed to enable organizations to repair and upgrade existing DAISY 2.0 and 2.02 DTBs.


This tool takes a DAISY 2.0 or 2.02 DTB as input, and performs a series of operations on it in order to output a valid DAISY 2.02 DTB.


Features include:

  • Conversion of HTML and SMIL files to valid XML
  • Fixes of reoccuring errors and inconsistencies that existed in the output of early versions of production tools
  • Ability to rename files sequentially (so that they play in order in MP3 players)

Why use the Regenerator?

  • Because the elimination of possible errors will yield a better experience for the end user reading the DAISY 2.02 DTB.
  • Because a valid DAISY 2.02 DTB is future safe. Only valid DAISY 2.02 DTBs are guaranteed to be upgradeable to the DAISY 3 standard. In this respect, the Regenerator may be regarded as an organization's "Swiss Army knife" of longevity.

The Regenerator works together with the DAISY 2.02 Validator. After regeneration has been done, the DTB can be automatically validated, to ensure that no errors or inconsistencies remain.


Download DAISY 2.02 Regenerator

DAISY Pipeline

DAISY Pipeline Logo

(formerly DMFC - the DAISY MultiFormat Converter)

DAISY production is implemented in many organizations and companies around the world. The DAISY Consortium hosted the development of the DAISY Pipeline, a suite of cross-platform tools designed to support both production and distribution.

The DAISY Pipeline is a DTB and XML-oriented transformation pipeline designed to be used in both server-side and desktop environments. The DAISY Pipeline 2 is an ongoing project to develop a next-generation framework for automated production of accessible materials for people with print disabilities. It is the follow-up and total redesign of the original DAISY Pipeline project.

Latest Release: DAISY Pipeline Release 20111215

Additional information and links are available in the DAISY Pipeline Project area of the DAISY website.


Dolphin logo

EasyConverter is designed for use in schools, colleges, universities, small or large companies and government organisations. It is simple to use for those with no altformat creation experience, and is equally suited to experienced professionals looking for a single flexible high quality altformat creation tool to meet the needs of dyslexic, visually impaired and learning disabled students.

Key Benefits:

  • Offering students the formats of their preference ensures that you meet the growing legislation on inclusion.
  • Popular materials can be stored for future years and simply converted to specifically meet the needs of new students in their preferred format. 
  • Significant time saving benefits allow you the tutor to concentrate on teaching the curriculum.
  • EasyConverter ensures that you remain adaptable, and able to convert from a wide range of file formats.

Check out the RNIB review of the EasyConverter.

Latest Release: Dolphin EasyConverter 7.01

EasyConverter 7.01 comes with support for documents created in Word 2016 and EasyReader 7 for the latest DAISY playback. More information can be found on the Dolphin Computer Access website.


EasyConverter empowers users to make information accessible to people with visual impairments and dyslexia. With EasyConverter you can quickly create accessible Word documents, large print, MP3 audio, DAISY talking books and Braille.

mSourcing Solutions

mSourcing Solutions work with a wide range of input formats (eg, paper documents, bound books, newspapers, magazines, scanned images, PDF etc) and convert them into different formats (e.g. MS Word, PDF, XML, ePub2/3, METS/ALTO​). This includes complex content including historic fiction and ​STM​ journals. More information is provided on the mSourcing Solutions website.

odt2daisy - Writer Extension

odt2daisy logo

odt2daisy is an Writer extension, enabling Export as DAISY output in DAISY 3 format, including support of mathematical content.

Latest Release: odt2daisy Version 2.1.1

This release includes numerous improvements.

For more information, please visit the official website for odt2daisy - Writer Extension.

Save as DAISY add-in for Microsoft Word

The Save as DAISY add-in translates Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 documents into DAISY.


The "Save as DAISY" add-in for Microsoft Office Word incorporates a "Lite" version of the DAISY Pipeline. Users can select to generate the DAISY XML for further processing, or generate a fully conforming DAISY file set with full navigation and full text synchronized with audio. The audio is generated by the default text-to-speech (TTS) engine on your Windows computer.


The Save as DAISY - Microsoft project area provides information about the Microsoft Word add-in, as well as links for downloading the latest version.  The version that supports Microsoft Office Word 2010 was released December 15, 2011.