Tools, Products and Services

This section contains information on products and services developed or offered by Members and Friends of the DAISY Consortium.

Review production, playback, conversion, validation and general purpose tools and utilities that can be used to support DAISY Standards and Specifications.

DAISY 2.02 is implemented in several countries by many organizations, but DAISY 3, the ANSI/NISO Z39.86 (R2012) Specifications for the Digital Talking Book, is also being used around the world. Some tools are available for download, in other cases a link to the tool developer or manufacturer is provided. The tools presented do not form an all inclusive catalogue of DAISY capabilities or DAISY-related tools that may be available.

The Consortium cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or validity of the representations of products and services mentioned.

We encourage you to use the contact information and links provided to find out more about tool options and alternatives. If your organization is a Member of the DAISY Consortium, you may subscribe to the DAISY Training & Support list and submit production related inquiries. If not, we encourage you to join the DAISY Consortium!