Tobi beta

Tobi beta (for public testing)


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Four notable features / improvements are as follows:

New features

Enables tape like recording behavior

Tobi introduces a new preference called Audio_DisableAfterRecordSelection, which when activated, places the audio cursor at the end of the newly recorded audio instead of selecting it. This option when combined with Audio_Record_OverwriteFollowingAudio option, which automatically replaces the audio content following the audio cursor, enables a fluent tape like recording. Both the preferences can be turned on or off using the Preferences Dialog or the Status Bar. The new preference Audio_DisableAfterRecordSelection is turned off by default.

Please note here that the application preference Audio_EnableRecordOverwrite has been renamed to Audio_Record_OverwriteFollowingAudio to signify its functionality in a better way.

Enables audio zoom with mouse wheel scroll

Tobi now lets users to zoom the audio waveform via mouse wheel. Use Ctrl key in combination with mouse wheel scroll to zoom in and zoom out the audio waveform. Keyboard users can achieve the same effect by using Ctrl+the number keys (from 1 to 9) to zoom the waveform; Ctrl+0 is equivalent to Ctrl+W (fit to width command). If the focus is in the Audio Editor, users can simply use the number keys without pressing the Ctrl key. These new commands are also presented by menu bar under audio zoom.

Please note that these commands are different from the existing mouse wheel scroll (without pressing the Ctrl key), which controls the scrolling of the waveform area in the Audio Editor, or the Shift+mouse wheel scroll that can be used to pan quicker a large waveform segment.

New auto save option introduced

A new auto save option is introduced that saves the project file (with .xuk extension) automatically each time the project is modified. It can be activated by turning on the application preference EnableAutoSaveProject. Once this feature is activated, each command resulting in modification of the project file will also trigger auto-save for it.

Auto save usually has a disadvantage that even the wrong operations triggered by users are also saved, but Tobi provides undo-redo functionality, which can be used to roll-back to the previous state.

Please note that the existing back-up configuration item has now been renamed to EnableAutoBackupProject to better denote its role, i.e. creating backups at regular intervals, including dated copies of the XUK project file. These dated files can be used to mitigate project corruption issues and authoring mistakes.

Option to disable automatic playback from beginning of audio, after the playback reaches the end

Tobi introduces a new application preference Audio_DisableAutoJumpToBegin_AtEndOfPlayback that keeps the audio cursor at the end of the waveform after playback, instead of moving it back to the beginning. It can be turned on or off using the Preferences dialog. It is turned off by default.

This feature can be very useful for the narrators while recording as they can rest assured that the audio content will be recorded after the currently played portion of audio.

Fixed bugs

User interface redraw freeze

This was happening in Tobi .NET4 when coming out of screen saver, user log out, user account control, CTRL ALT DEL (and back). This was an issue caused by a bug in Microsoft's WPF UI library, so Tobi stopped using a particular performance-enhancing layout feature in order to work around the bug. This was however a minor optimization in the audio waveform renderer (GPU bitmap texture caching), so its removal does not impact the overall performance significantly.

User interface zoom commands, document font size control

The CTRL plus/minus keyboard shortcuts allocated by default to the user interface magnification commands were not correctly interacting with the font size controls in the document renderer, when keyboard focus was placed on the document.

Keyboard shortcut for reset playback rate

The CTRL 0-9 shortcuts are reserved for waveform zooming, so the command to reset the playback rate is now SHIFT CTRL DOWN