DAISY Consortium's News Brief - # 2017-04a
Enjoy a concise selection of digital publishing news. Our main goal is to inform DAISY Members and Supporters about new e-reading technologies and related developments.

Upcoming Events: Sight City, 11th European eAccessibility Forum and Better Together Conference

Sight City - May 3rd-5th in Frankfurt. Go visit Solutions Radio booth and check out Webbox 3.

11th European e-Accessibility Forum on Monday, June 19th, 2017. Location: Cité des Sciences in Paris.

Jesper Klein, Chairman of the Board of the DAISY Consortium is among distinguished speakers. Register on the forum website.

Better Together Conference: Working together towards accessible information for people with low vision in the Hague, Netherlands on June 28th, 2017. The conference program provides you with countless ideas for solutions that translate into improved efficiency. Register today.

What's New: Links to Notable Articles and Media

Featured Update: Victor Reader Stream Version 4.8

Victor Reader Stream

HumanWare's Victor Reader Stream plays DAISY books, MP3, MP4, EPUB, and many other media formats. It offers easy access to over 36,000 web radio stations. The most recent software upgrade provides the following new features and enhancements:

NFB Newsline:

For more information, please visit HumanWare website.

Pratsam Solutions Attract Online Readers

In 2009, the Finnish software company Pratsam delivered the first online solution to Celia, the national center for accessible literature and publishing in Finland, streaming DAISY books online to an accessible software player installed on the end user’s computer. Since then, the online services have been upgraded regularly with new features, such as a DAISY Online interface, digital watermarking, a DAISY player web app and apps for smartphones.

The total amount of online loans at Celia increased from about 251,000 in 2015 to over 369,000 in 2016, which is a 47 percent increase in one year. This boosts the rate of online loans compared to all loans from 27 percent to 39 percent, which had been estimated to grow at 5 per cent per year. The number of online users increased by 53 percent, from 7,557 to 11,586 during the same period.

40,000 talking books available online

Celia’s book collection includes more than 40,000 talking books, available online via download and the browser app Pratsam Reader Web. Users of Celia online services can also listen to books with Pratsam Reader Win, Reader App and other accessible reading devices supporting DAISY Online.

The Pratsam Reader App has answered a definite user need, and the number of app users is steadily growing; Celia has 5,000 users of the app at the moment. Pratsam's test procedures and flexible schedules have resulted in cooperation that has benefited both Celia and users.

Online delivery of accessible books is an efficient alternative to traditional distribution on CDs or SD Cards via regular mail. Online delivery is faster, more controllable and costs less. Hardware players and apps supporting online delivery have been developed to enable easy end user adoption.

Source: Pratsam's Press Release.