DAISY Consortium's News Brief - # 2016-10a
Enjoy a concise selection of digital publishing news. Our main goal is to inform DAISY Members and Supporters about new e-reading technologies and related developments.

Upcoming Events: Marrakesh Treaty and Publishers at Frankfurt Book Fair, Better Together Conference

The upcoming one-hour event "What Does the Marrakesh Treaty Mean for Publishers?" at Frankfurt Book Fair on October 21st at 3 pm will explain the Treaty and what this means for the publishing community. Attendees will hear from experts about the Treaty and from the Accessible Books Consortium about the TIGAR service which was established for publishers and authorized entities to facilitate the cross-border exchange of accessible files. Richard Orme, DAISY Consortium CEO will be one of the speakers. Register online.

Are you a technology/media expert facilitating information for people with low vision? Share your knowledge at the Better Together Conference in the Hague (June 28th, 2017). Submit your presentation by December 15th, 2016. More information is provided on the Better Together Conference website.

What's New: Links to Notable News Articles and Media

Featured Tool: Readiance

Readiance helps create and publish "Read Along" books that provide an experience similar to Audible's 'Immersion Reading' feature. Unlike Audible's 'Immersion Reading,' it is platform-independent and uses public domain audiobooks. The primary source is LibriVox.

Submitting LibriVox chapters to Readiance is simple and does not require a subscription.

In order to submit a new LibriVox chapter, follow these steps:

If you run into issues with other browsers, you can try Google Chrome for Desktop. More information is provided on the Readiance website.

Victor Reader Stream Update

Victor Reader Stream Version 4.7 is now available

Users can now enjoy support for subscribing and unsubscribing to NFB Newsline publications directly on the Stream (U.S. only). Similar to subscribing to podcasts, you can subscribe to Newsline publications via Stream’s online capability. In the past, NFB Newsline users needed to handle the subscriptions using their computer’s Internet browser. Today, users can search for a news publication they want to always have on their Stream, subscribe to it, and always have the daily newspaper with their morning coffee.

Support for keeping specific NFB Newsline books (U.S. only) is now available. In addition to handling the subscriptions to Newsline content directly on the Stream, now users can save daily versions of a publication for later use, just by tapping the 3 key.

Also, enjoy the ability to sync your time with an Internet time server. After you update and connect to your Wi-Fi, first set your time to the current time in your time zone. After this initial setting is done, your Stream will always keep its time, as it is constantly validating its time with a network time server. And if you are someone who prefers to have their clocks set 5 minutes fast, you can continue doing so. After you set it 5 minutes fast, it will continue being synchronized at that specific time until you change it. More information is provided in the HumanWare newsletter.