DAISY Consortium's News Brief - # 2015-12a
Enjoy a concise selection of digital publishing news. Our main goal is to inform DAISY Members and Supporters about new e-reading technologies and related developments.

Upcoming Events: EPUB Accessibility & EDUPUB Alliance Summit, EPUB Summit 2016

EPUB Accessibility and EDUPUB Alliance Summit will take place on February 24-25th, 2016 in Hyattsville, MD, USA. More information is provided on the IMS Global website.

The EPUB Summit will take place in Bordeaux, France [April 7th and 8th, 2016].

What's New: Links to Notable Articles and Media

Featured Tool: Blaze ET Multi-player

Blaze ET multi-player comes with a numeric keypad as well as several built-in apps including Color Reader, Calculator, Memo, and Dictionary. Blaze ET plays audio books and music files from internal memory or SD card and connects through built-in Wi-Fi to access online media, podcasts and internet radio. This player supports more than 20 file formats including DAISY, EPUB, TXT, BRL, MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, WMV, OGG, ASF, AAC, AVI, FLAC, RTF, HTML, HTM, XML, DOC and DOCX. Digital books from Bookshare and NLS are also supported. In addition, Blaze ET plays music or podcasts. Users can create high-quality recordings with the internal microphone, external stereo microphone or stereo line-in.

Blaze ET's recently updated OCR user interface help indicators include Field View, Image Area, Focus Detection, Orientation, and Preview Image settings. These features assist users with locating text on a page as well as help with scanning a brochure where text and pictures are mixed or the text is not aligned with the rest of the page. More information can be found on the HIMS, Inc. website.

Connect with Vision Australia’s new app!

by Andrew Furlong

Vision Australia logoVision Australia is assisting blind and vision impaired people to make the transition to an online world by providing solutions that address the barriers of complexity and affordability.

The recent modification of our Plextor CD player to be a 3G enabled online device is one such innovation that has enabled our clients to benefit from Vision Australia’s i-access® online Library service.

Vision Australia ‘Connect’ is a new accessible app for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets that was developed to meet our clients’ growing demand for a mobile solution and provide another interface to our online Library.

Vision Australia has partnered with Dedicon, a peer organisation in the Netherlands, to provide this app that connects to i-access® using the DAISY Online Delivery Protocol. This allows a seamless transition for anyone currently using a hardware DAISY player.

When a person requests a title or makes a change to their online bookshelf through the i-access® website, this is reflected on the app. Connect allows VA members to browse their bookshelf for content such as DAISY audio books, and either read it immediately online or download it to read at a later time from within the same app.

Connect will be developed further over the coming months to allow us to engage more personally with our members. Among other features, a person will be able to search and select any item from the Library catalogue from within the app, subscribe to and read text content such as the daily newspapers and periodicals available through i-access® using integrated TTS and listen to online radio.

If you would like more information about the app or the services offered by Vision Australia, email library(at)visionaustralia.org.

Vision Australia Connect can be downloaded from the Apple App store or Google Play.