DAISY Consortium's News Brief - # 2013-03a
Enjoy a concise selection of digital publishing news. Our main goal is to inform DAISY Members and Supporters about new e-reading technologies and related developments.

Upcoming Events: From Paris to Baltimore and Copenhagen

There is still time to register for Digital Book Making: eBooks and Apps With HTML5 and EPUB 3 taking place March 25th, 2013 in Paris.

Great opportunity for learning - Tactile Graphics Conference: April 12th and 13th in Baltimore.

Get ready for the Future Publishing and Accessibility Conference in Copenhagen - June 13th and 14th, 2013. Register and make you voice heard - fill out the conference survey and let us know who you think is responsible for making publications accessible.

What's New: Updated EPUB 3 Support Grid, Synergies

Featured Product: Sense Notetaker V8.0 In the Cloud

The soon to be updated HIMS Sense Notetaker can be used to listen to a live performance by a favorite band, to check out "Gangnam Style" music video or to just see what all the "Harlem Shake" hype is about. With Braille Sense V8.0, video clips on YouTube are just a few keystrokes away. Users can simply type their search term in the field and press "Enter" to get results. Then they can navigate to the one they want, and press "Enter" again to play.

With Sense Notetaker V8.0, HIMS is also bringing the Notetaker to the cloud and the cloud to the Notetaker as users can do more than save and edit documents with the new DropboxTM application. They can access, download and share data with their PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device. In addition, they can create folders as well as copy, move and delete files in DropboxTM.

The new Quick Browser opens pages 10 times faster than the original Sense Web Browser. If users set the Quick Browser as their default browser, they can experience faster loading of Google Search and RSS results. More information is provided on the HIMS website.

Quick Interview: Pedro Milliet's Digital Outook

Pedro Milliet (Dorina Nowill Foundation) is a DAISY Consortium Board Member from Brazil.

Pedro, which e-Reader apps have you tested recently?

I have tried the Ideal Reader Beta and it is more usable than Helicon Books Reader. I could open and navigate the book. One of the problems that I encountered may have been caused by this particular book I tested - it had fixed layout. I am using two different devices: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (gt n-8000) with Android 4.1.2 and a Genesis 7 inch tablet running on Android 4.0.

What is the current state of e-books in Brazil?

The Ministry of Education has requested that the books delivered to the students in public schools all be e-books by 2015 (they will not require a specific format, but publishers are choosing EPUB 3), and books must represent the layout of their printed versions.

We are working on making both solutions available - the EPUB 3 content with fixed layout and Media Overlays as well as the player that would read it on all platforms (our government has requested the books to run on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android). For Windows and Mac we use Readium. iBooks app renders EPUB 3 content without Media Overlays quite well, but for Android and Linux we still have no readers capable of dealing with fixed layout. The Media Overlays will be needed next year, but we must assist publishers with providing book files (EPUB 3 without Media Overlays) by next August.

We are also developing an Android reader based on Chrome and we use a lot of Readium code. It should be released before July 2014. We will add accessibility features some time before November 2014.

Do you have any news for DDReader users?

The new version of our DAISY 3 Reader, DDReader+, is now available for download from daisylatino.org, select the side menu option for DDReader+. There is a small England flag banner at the top of the page - click on it to get to the English version. We are also working on improving the accessibility of our website.

This new version (only for Windows now, but Mac and Linux versions will be available soon) is not a Firefox extension any more. It is a stand alone application and it can run from a pen drive also. The updates are automatically delivered and we will add EPUB 3 capabilities with Media Overlays ASAP.

Thank you, Pedro! Keep us posted.