DAISY Consortium's News Brief - # 2013-02b
Enjoy a concise selection of digital publishing news. Our main goal is to inform DAISY Members and Supporters about new e-reading technologies and related developments.

Upcoming Events: Focus on CSUN - Exciting Months Ahead

CSUN 2013: 28th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference, February 25th - March 2nd 2013, San Diego, California

The conference program is now available in DAISY, EPUB and HTML formats on the DAISY Consortium website. The following DAISY Consortium Members and Friends will exhibit their products and services at CSUN 2013: American Printing House for the Blind, Bones AG, Bookshare, Dolphin Computer Access, Duxbury Systems, gh LLC, HIMS, HumanWare, Learning Ally, Microsoft, Olympus, PlexTalk, Pyxima, Sensus ApS, Solutions Radio and ViewPlus Technologies.

HumanWare is hosting an informal DAISY Online Delivery update meeting at CSUN on Thursday (February 28th) morning at 7:30 am, in the HumanWare Private Suite. DAISY Members and Friends who are interested, can RSVP to Ed Wikdall [ed.wikdall(at)humanware.com] by the end of business day Wednesday, February 20th, 2013.

What's New: EPUB 3 to the Rescue, Pilot Program and More

Featured Product: BookPort DT

Loaded with many of the same features as the hand-held Book Port Plus, the Book Port DT is a desktop Digital Talking Book player and recorder.

In addition to the features of the Book Port Plus, the Book Port DT offers the following enhancements:

The Book Port DT is well-suited for reading Digital Talking Books. Users can record or edit their own material in Digital Talking Book formats. It is easy to listen to web-based radio or download podcasts for education or entertainment. More information is provided on the American Printing House for the Blind website.

Quick Interview: Chris Mottes - Making Audio Editing Easy

Chris - you are the CEO of Hindenburg Systems, but what is HABC?

Hindenburg Audio Book Creator (HABC) is a further development of Hindenburg Systems’ current audio production tool, Hindenburg Journalist Pro (HJP) into a tool that supports the production of audio files in formats required for production of audio books and e-books for visually impaired. The project was conceived and developed in conjunction with DAISY members NLB (Norway) and NOTA (Denmark) as well as a lot of input from other DAISY members around the world. Those who are interested can schedule a demo at CSUN 2013.

 HABC supports several common Use Cases for audio book production:

HABC allows Punch-in recording and provides a separate interface for a narrator to read and navigate in digital text, and add navigation markers for the final product. Interface navigation through a secondary touch screen and other soundless interfaces is supported.

Who will benefit from HABC?

HABC is aimed at any organisation that wishes to create audio books and e-books that include audio. While it is a highly professional tool, Hindenburg specialises in creating intuitive interfaces that make complex audio processes available to people with little technical knowledge.

Initially HABC supports production of DAISY 2.02 and EPUB 3 formats, over and above the formats already supported in HJP, but will be made ready to add future formats as they are developed.

During Phase 1, suggestions for phase 2 will be collected from interested parties and development commenced as soon as possible thereafter.

When will HABC be available for purchase?

Phase 1 is expected to conclude after testing and implementation at NLB and NOTA during Q1 2012. At CSUN we will have all features implemented, though all testing may not be completed at that point. We expect HABC to be broadly available from April or May 2013.

Thank you, Chris.