Pipeline Script: Audio Tagger


This script manipulates the audio files in a fileset by adding ID3 tags (if the audio files are MP3), and by creating playlists of various formats.

The script is primarily written to support DTBs - other fileset types are not explicitly supported.

Input Requirements

The input fileset manifest file (NCC, OPF, etc)


ID3 Tagging of MP3 files

ID3 v2.3 tags are added to MP3 files. The values are retrieved from the input fileset. The following table describes which ID3 fileds are used for what.

ID3 tag fieldValue
TitleA label (typically heading) representing the content of the current file
Album titleTypically a value of dc:title metadata in the input fileset
ArtistTypically a value of dc:creator metadata in the input fileset
Track NumberThe sequential order of the current file in the input fileset presentation order

Playlist generation

The following playlist types are generated:


Input file
Required. The input fileset manifest file (NCC, OPF, etc)
Output directory
Required. The directory to store the output in. This can be set as the same as the input directory, but it is recommended to use another directory than the input directory.
ID3 Tagging
Optional. Whether to apply ID3 tagging to Audio files in the fileset. The default is true.
Playlist generation
Optional. Whether to create playlists in the output directory. The default is true.

Appendix: List of Transformers used

The documents linked below are parts of the Transformer technical documentation. These are developer and systems-administrator centric documents.

  1. Audio Tagger