Call for Review:First Public Draft of Modular Extension for Mathematics

DAISY Math Working Group

Date: September 10, 2006


The DAISY/NISO Standard does not have a method for including Mathematics in a document other than via images with and descriptions of these images. The standard does however, include an extension mechanism.The DAISY MathML working group has been working on a solution for including math based on this extension mechanism.

There are many problems associated with the use of images for mathematics of authors and for readers (both those with and without visual disabilities).These include

MathML represents a solution to these problems. Because it is an XML application and has been designed to work with XHTML, using MathML in the DAISY/NISO Standard was the direction that the DAISY Math Working Group pursued.

The first public draft of the MathML-in-DAISY Modular Extension is now available for public review. It is available from the "Projects" area of the DAISY Web site. the direct link to the specification is MathML-in-DAISY Modular Extension.

The working group is seeking input from the public. All comments can be submitted through the "Contact us" form from the DAISY Web site.

Deadline for comments is October 10, 2006 for this version of the specification.