Pipeline Add-ins

By design, the DAISY Pipeline is extensible via add-ins.

The DAISY Pipeline, as well as any custom "Lite" version of the Pipeline that is included in production environments, is designed to use add-ins in the processing chain. The list of available add-ins is expected to grow over time. Developers are encouraged to contact the DAISY Consortium if they have an add-in for the Pipeline to be posted here.

Design Science Mathematics Add-in

DAISY Member Design Science has made an add-in available for processing mathematics. This add-in integrates with the DAISY Pipeline and the Pipeline "Lite" version, and will take the MathML and add the required alt-image of the math expression. It will also generate the alt-text, which is a natural language description of the math expression.

Note that markup for "MathType" has been integrated into the Save as DAISY Microsoft translator for Microsoft Word. When a MathType math object is encountered in a Microsoft Word XP, 2003, or 2007 document, MathType is used to convert that object into MathML for use by DAISY players.

Please visit the Design Science MathDaisy page for more information.

LAME Encoder

The LAME encoder is included in the DAISY Pipeline and the "Lite" version of the Pipeline which is part of Save as DAISY V2.0.

DAISY Member MP3 Policy (requires Member login)


DAISY Translator, v2.0, makes use of LAME MP3 encoding technology. LAME provides the following notice on its site:  "Using the LAME encoding engine (or other mp3 encoding technology) in your software may require a patent license in some countries."  We recommend you check out the information on their site: http://lame.sourceforge.net/about.php

Fraunhofer Encoder

Although this encoder is not included in the Pipeline, many organizations choose to use this rather than the LAME encoder. If you have licensed the Fraunhofer encoder, there is a DAISY Pipeline option to configure the Pipeline to use this instead.