The top priority of the MathML in DAISY Working Group was to develop a specification for extending the DAISY 3 Standard to support accessible mathematics.

Introduction to MathML in DAISY in 10 Small Chapters by Michael Zacherle - on DAISYpedia (DAISY 3 Version is attached)

To fully access the DAISY 3 version, you'll need a MathML compliant DAISY reader software. You can download a 30 day trial version of the ReadHear PC or Mac.

Many organizations have inquired about the correct approach to extend the DAISY/NISO Standard so that it can address additional needs. Some extensions that have been mentioned are for mathematics, video support, testing, workbooks, music, dictionaries, chemistry, searching and more. This is not a comprehensive list.

The MathML modular extension for DAISY was approved by the DAISY Board of Directors in February 2007.

All issues with the MathML Extension are included in the Issues Tracking area; resolved errata are listed in the Errata version which is referenced from the current MathML in DAISY Specification.

DAISY Logo with MathML and Pi Squared Symbol