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Fri, 2011-04-29 10:30

The Pipeline 2 developers team just had a successful face-to-face meeting last week in sunny Zurich. The meeting was kindly hosted by SBS which offered us a nice work environment where we could achieve great results.

Among the topics covered during the meeting were:

  • naming conventions
  • documentation deliverables
  • testing issues
  • utility modules
  • harmonized EPUB3 production
  • metadata handling
  • framework development
  • web service inception

The roadmap for Q2 2011 has been updated as a consequence of our discussions. The meeting minutes are available on the developers wiki.

Thanks again to SBS for having hosted the meeting!

Thu, 2010-12-23 14:23

A preview release of the ongoing developments of the DAISY Pipeline 2 project is now available and can be downloaded at:

The release includes demos of several software components:

  • a DTbook to ZedAI-book converter
  • a ZedAI-book to EPUB 2.0 converter
  • a tool to generate the developer documentation of XProc+XSLT Pipeline 2 modules
  • a command-line-driven modular runtime framework (based on OSGi)

More details are available in README files included in the released package.

Please be aware that this is really a "preview" release. Featured converters support only a limited subset of their respective input formats, which basically means that they are only expected to work with the sample content available in the released package. Command line interface and options may change in future releases.

Many thanks to the developers team for their sustained efforts toward this release!


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