Pipeline 2 v1.9 released

Version 1.9 of the DAISY Pipeline 2 project is now available for download. The following alternative packages are proposed:

All distributions include the command line tool, all the conversion scripts, a native command line tool, and a version of the Web User Interface that can be run locally like a standalone application.

This release features notably:

  • a new command line tool, with native executables
  • new schema-based DAISY 2.02 validation script
  • new DTBook to ODT script
  • new EPUB 3 to DAISY 2.02 script (experimental)
  • TTS-narration support in DTBook to EPUB 3
  • audio-only DAISY 2.02 to EPUB 3 conversion aligned with the TIES guidelines
  • and many other bug fixes and improvements

For details, please refer to the release notes.

We’ll work over the coming months on improving user experience and fixing most of the remaining critical launching issues. Please bear with us until then! As usual feedback is warmly welcome, either via the users forum or the developers mailing list.