Pipeline 2 1.8 released!

Version 1.8 of the DAISY Pipeline 2 project is now available for download. The following alternative packages are proposed:

  • for Windows users, an installer for the "Desktop Web UI" distribution (Windows .exe installer, 80 MB)
  • the "Desktop Web UI" distribution (ZIP, 80 MB) package as a ZIP (recommended for OS X and Linux): includes the command line tool, all the conversion scripts, and a version of the Web User Interface that can be run locally like a standalone application
  • the "CLI" distribution (ZIP, 40 MB): includes the command line tool and all the conversion scripts
  • the "Server Web UI" distribution (ZIP, 40 MB): includes a version of the Pipeline 2 Web User Interface for installation on a server. It does not include the Pipeline 2 engine and conversion scripts.

This release includes a variety of bug fixes and improvements, including prioritization of jobs, new TTS-based DTBook to DAISY3 converter, better handling of image descriptions, rewritten HTML5 converter, production of EPUB 3.0.1-compliant publications, and more.

For details, please refer to the release notes.

Note that releases are hosted on GitHub’s servers since version 1.7. Let us now if you encounter any issue with the new release page.

TTS-based audio production

A first preview of newly developed TTS-based audio production modules and NLP-based structure detection modules is included in this release, available in a new DTBook to DAISY 3 converter. TTS adapters are available for a verity of platforms and TTS engines including Acapela TTS (v7), eSpeak, SAPI5 voices on Windows, and Mac OS X voices.

Note that the SAPI5 adapter currently requires the installation of Visual C++ Redistributable Packages runtime components, available for free on Mircrosoft's web site.

TTS-based production will be further tested and improved over the coming months, notably to support the production of EPUB 3 with TTS-based Media Overlays from DTbook or HTML.

Many thanks to Romain Mouret (and also Alex Bernier) who contributed these modules on behalf of BrailleNet!

Starting the Web UI

The Web-based user interface for the Pipeline2 can be started offline as a desktop application. The process has not changed since the previous release: To open the application, open the start launcher in the webui directory of the Pipeline installation directory.

An installer is now available for Windows users. It will install a launcher shortcut in the Start menu, and will perform all the necessary steps to configure the Pipeline 2 application. No more manual tweaking of environment variables is required.

For more details on the Web User Interface, please refer to the Web UI usage guide.

As usual feedback is warmly welcome, either via the users forum or the developers mailing list.