Pipeline 2 1.5 released!

The 1.5 version of the Pipeline 2 project is now available for download. Three alternative packages are proposed:

  • the "CLI" distribution (ZIP, 40 MB): includes the command line tool and all the conversion scripts
  • the "Desktop Web UI" distribution (ZIP, 80 MB): includes the command line tool, all the conversion scripts, and a version of the Web User Interface that can be run locally asa standalone application
  • the "Server Web UI" distribution (ZIP, 40 MB): includes a version of the Pipeline 2 Web User Interface for installation on a server. It does not include the Pipeline 2 engine and conversion scripts.

This release introduces the following new scripts:

  • HTML to EPUB 3
  • NIMAS Fileset Validator

The release also brings various bug fixes and improvements to previous scripts, the pi the Web User Interface. Please refer to the release notes for more details.

Starting the Web UI

The Web-based user interface for the Pipeline2 can be started offline as a desktop application. The process has not changed since the previous release: To open the application, open the start launcher in the webui directory of the Pipeline installation directory.

Note: the Java binaries directory must be on the PATH environment variable of your operating system.

For more details, please refer to the Web UI usage guide.

Please bear in mind that the Web UI has not been extensively tested for accessibility as of yet, any feedback or contribution in this domain are welcome.

As usual feedback is warmly welcome, either via the users forum or the developers mailing list.