News from SBS

SBS (Swiss Library for the Blind and Visually Impaired) just hired a new developer, Bert Frees, who will contribute to the Pipeline 2 project in place of former SBS developer Bernhard Wagner.

Bert is known for being the developer behind the odt2braille extension for and LibreOffice, which allows users to export an ODT document to an embosser-ready Braille file. The project was funded by the European Commission as part of the AEGIS project. We're very excited to have Bert now bringing his expertise to the Pipeline 2 project!

I've been to Zurich on March 21st and 22nd to meet Bert and Christian Egli. In the coming weeks, Bert will start the development of the prototype of a Braille production workflow, based on the Pipeline 2 framework. This prototype will be originally based on LibLouis and LibLouisXML for translation and formatting, but its design could potentially be adapted to other Braille engines.

While this development integrates well with the ongoing work of the Pipeline 2 Braille Working Group and will be hosted on the Pipeline 2 project infrastructure, the prototype will not however cover all the use cases or production environments targeted by the Braille Working Group, and is an initiative of SBS.

Christian will provide more details on the scope and design of this approach during a next Working Group conference call, and you're free to getĀ involved, ask any question, or propose the development of other prototypes to the Braille Working Group mailing list.

Stay tuned!

Romain Deltour, Pipeline 2 project lead.