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2015-11-19 to 2015-11-20 - Stockholm, Sweden

More information is provided on the Swedish DAISY Consortium website.

2015-11-16 to 2015-11-20 - Westminster, CO

Presented and hosted by the Association on Higher Education & Disability (AHEAD), Accessing Higher Ground is conducted in collaboration with ATHEN, EASI and the University of Colorado-Boulder. More information is provided on the Accessing Higher Ground conference website.

2015-11-13 - Milan, Italy



9:30 am Registration

10:00 am Greetings

 10:15 am Baseline for Born Accessible EPUB, George Kerscher [DAISY Consortium]

10:45 am Accessibility, the role of standards, Daniel Weck [EDRLab]

11:00 am DIAGRAM and image description presentation, Betsy Beaumon [Benetech]


11:30 am Coffee break


12:00 pm Accessible e-Reading Systems: Ensuring that baseline accessibility reaches the end users, Avneesh Singh [DAISY Consortium]

12:30 pm Metadata: The way accessible books get to be known to the world, Paola Mazzucchi [mEDRA]


1:00 pm Lunch

2:00 pm Case studies on collaboration:


Cristina Mussinelli [LIA Foundation]

ABC Consortium - Monica Halil [ABC Consortium] 

Load2learn - Richard Orme [DAISY Consortium]


3:00 pm Round table discussion: Paths to further collaboration

4:30 pm Open discussion

5:30 pm Conclusion


Location: Laboratorio Formentini per l’editoria, via Formentini 10, Milan.

2015-11-11 to 2015-11-12 - Milan, Italy
2015-10-29 to 2015-10-30 - Toronto, Canada

Details are provided on the CNIB 2015 Braille Conference website.

2015-10-20 to 2015-10-22 - Lisbon, Portugal

The European Commission, together with the Fundaçao para a Ciência e a Tecnologia Portugal bring you: ICT 2015 - Innovate, Connect, Transform.

The ICT 2015 event will comprise a number of parallel activities:

  • A policy conference presenting the new Commission's policies and initiatives on Research & Innovation in ICT (Horizon 2020 Programme)
  • An interactive exhibition showcasing the best results and impact of most recent EU ICT Research & Innovation
  • Many networking opportunities to enhance quality partnerships, helping participants find partners, connect Research and Innovation and trigger collaboration
  • Funding opportunities: ICT 2015 will also be the place to gather information on the 2016 Work Programme of Horizon 2020

For further details, please visit the event website.

2015-10-14 to 2015-10-18 - Frankfurt, Germany

Starting in 2015, the Frankfurt Book Fair will be even more structured according to individual themes and market segments. More information is provided on the Frankfurt Book Fair website.

2015-10-04 to 2015-10-08 - Kampala, Uganda

The 6th Africa Forum will focus on the post-Millennium Development Goals debate and the new development agenda for the millions of people who are blind or partially sighted.

It promises to be the largest-ever gathering of Africa’s blindness community, so mark your calendars! More information is provided on the event website.

2015-10-04 to 2015-10-08 - Kampala, Uganda

“TechShare Africa is a great opportunity for us to introduce some of the new technologies we’ve been working on that have already made differences in the lives of students in the U.S. and elsewhere,” said Laura Matz, Perkins Products director of sales and marketing. “Most Forum participants haven’t used the latest technology. And when they do, they realize, ‘I can do anything if I have this.’ When people see what the capabilities are, it’s mind-boggling because it really removes many of the hurdles.” More information is provided on the Perkins website.

2015-09-21 to 2015-09-22 - China Braille Library in Beijing, China

The theme of the 11th forum will be "Straddling, Merging and Sharing: A New Level of the Information Accessibility". There will be several sub-forums including "Assistive Technology", "Education and Training", "Public Cultural Services". "Accessible Reading", "Accessible Publishing" and "Government Assistance on Blind Aids and Services".

2015-09-10 to 2015-09-11 - Glasgow, Scotland
More information can be found on the RNIB website.
2015-09-09 to 2015-09-12 - Budapest, Hungary

AAATE focuses on the Advancement of Assistive Technology in its widest sense and strives to involve all stakeholders along the value chain. Organizers are pleased to invite you to Budapest, Hungary, a beautiful and culturally rich city in the heart of Europe. More information is provided on the AAATE website.

2015-09-08 to 2015-09-09 - Virtual, global

Environments for Humans brings together some of the Web's most notable experts in and for an all-new, two-day online conference, the Accessibility Summit 2015! Bring the experts to your desktop September 8-9, 2015 from 9AM to 4PM (CT). Register online.

2015-08-15 to 2015-08-21 - Cape Town, South Africa

Complete details on how to register are available on the conference website.


LPD Session: The inclusive library - How to render inclusive library services to blind and visually impaired people took place Tuesday, August 18th. The list of papers is available on the IFLA website.

2015-07-13 to 2015-07-19 - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

The issues of Diverse Perspectives and Visions for the Future will be explored throughout the week with the myriad of conference events and activities. As college campuses become more diverse and planning for the future becomes more prevalent each year, this conference will help participants prepare for the years to come. More information is provided on the AHEAD 2015 website.

2015-07-05 to 2015-07-10 - Orlando, Florida

Each year the National Federation of the Blind holds its national convention. More than 3,000 delegates participate from across the United States as well as many foreign countries. Agenda is now available on the NFB website.

2015-06-29 - Brussels, Belgium

Conference attendees will learn about a variety of important standards and technologies, including EPUB 3, and hear how institutions are employing them to modernize their publication processes and better support accessibility and mobile devices. More information is provided on the IDPF website. Follow this link to request an invite today.

2015-06-18 to 2015-06-19 - Columbia, Maryland, US

The speakers will address the obligations for accessibility of all types of instructional materials. They will also provide ideas for developing an institutional plan for accessibility of instructional materials and technology. Discussions will help to clarify how accessibility professionals can work collaboratively to address accessibility expectations.


An online registration form and additional information can be found on the Assocation of Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) website.

2015-06-10 to 2015-06-12 - Fraunhofer FIT, Sankt Augustin, Germany

DSAI 2015 is the 6th International Conference on Software Development and Technologies for Enhancing Accessibility and Fighting Info-exclusion. DSAI 2015 will take place June 10-12, 2015 in Fraunhofer FIT, Sankt Augustin, Germany.


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) play a major role in our lives. However, ICT development may also raise barriers and widen the gap between the average user and those with special needs, instead of contributing to eliminating this gap and promoting equal rights and opportunities for all.


Senior citizens and other individuals with special needs often face multiple minor disabilities that prevent them from enjoying the benefits of technology. According to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, technology design should always take into account accessibility and usability features. More information is provided on the DSAI 2015 website.