Obi 4.0 Test Releases

Obi 4.0 beta (released on July 14, 2017)

Obi 4.0 beta, the second test release, introduces option to generate Media Overlays for Navigation Document in EPUB 3 export, which will enable playback of table of contents in the reading systems. This feature provides reference implementation for achieving the behaviour similar to DAISY TOC navigation. The release also brings improvements to automated page generation, and provides quick glance at the project structure via Multi-section Operations dialog, along with bug fixes.

The first test release in the series, Obi 4.0 alpha upgraded Obi to .NET framework 4.0 to keep pace with the new technology, and deprecated support for Windows XP. The release also implemented the feature requests of members; it introduced automated generation of pages at a specified time interval, provided option for preserving characters while importing old NCC files with Windows 1252 encoding, etc. Additionally, it came with new language pack for German!

Upgrading Obi to the latest .NET CLR 4.0 is a major step forward. If you face any issue in installation or functioning of Obi, please contact us via Obi forum or email:

Highlights of Obi 4.0 beta and alpha releases

Option to generate Media Overlays for Navigation Document in EPUB export

To enable playback of headings while navigating table of contents in EPUB player, Obi provides a checkbox Create Media Overlays for Navigation Doc in the Export dialog. When you check this checkbox, Obi will generate Media Overlays for Navigation Document in the EPUB book that will synchronize audio of headings with the entries of table of contents. This provides the TOC playback behavior similar to that provided by NCX file in DAISY. The feature implements DAISY Consortium's Media Overlays Playback Requirements for the content.
Please note that Obi is the first production tool to implement this feature in EPUB 3, so the reading systems may be lagging behind in supporting it.

Multi-section Operations dialog now shows pages contained in a section in Sections List

For quick inspection of the project structure, the Multi-section operations dialog now shows the list of pages contained in a section along with the name and level of the section in the Sections List field.

Obi is upgraded to .NET 4.0 and support for Windows XP is deprecated

New Obi uses .NET 4.0 (based on latest CLR 4.0) instead of .NET 2.0. This upgradation to CLR 4.0 is a major step forward to provide a base for up grading Obi to the latest versions of .net frameworks in the future releases, and to enable the use of latest libraries. The support for Windows XP is also deprecated from this release onwards, the users of Windows XP should install Obi 3.9.1.

Automated page generation

Obi enables you to insert page phrases in your recorded book by an automated process. Click Phrases->Auto Page Generation on the menu, and you will be presented with a dialog box to specify the parameters like time gap in pages, starting section, etc. Clicking OK on the dialog box will result in generation of page phrases in the entire project spaced at time interval entered by you in the dialog.
The beta version adds a checkbox Create Pages at the end of the section only in the dialog, which generates only one page per section at the end.

New German language pack added

Obi also comes in German! Many thanks to Hermann Dremel (atz) for translations.

Option to import old NCC files with Windows 1252 encoding to prevent distortion of characters

Now you can choose to import NCC files with Windows 1252 encoding. This helps to preserve non-English characters while importing old NCC files that may otherwise get distorted. You can activate this option by checking the checkbox Import NCC files with Windows 1252 encoding in the Project tab of the Preferences dialog.

Option to play the phrase just recorded

You can now instruct Obi to play the phrase just recorded as soon as recording stops. To enable this feature, check the checkbox Play the recorded phrase when recording stops in the Audio tab of the Preferences dialog. If the audio was recorded in multiple phrases in the recording session, audio from the last recorded phrase will be played.

Choice of merging first two phrases after on-the-fly phrase detection

You can choose to merge first two phrases after the process of on-the-fly phrase detection. This will be useful when recording starts from the beginning of the section as it prevents silence phrase at the beginning, which becomes heading phrase by default. To activate this feature, check the checkbox Merge first two phrases after recording with phrase detection in the Audio tab of the Preferences dialog.

You can find help on the functionality of these features in the “What’s New?” page of Obi Help, which can be viewed by clicking on the Help contents menu item under Help menu of Obi.

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List of some major bugs fixed & behaviour changes made in this release:

  • If a part of waveform of a phrase was selected and the playback of some other phrase was being executed, use of the shortcut shift+V resulted in an exception.
  • If there was an empty phrase in the section before the selected phrase, the Elapse in section timer of transport bar showed incorrect time in stop state.
  • If the system was set to the languages that use ',' instead of '.' for decimals, the time in DAISY 2.02 export used to get corrupted when the total duration of the book exceeded 24 hours.
  • Sometimes the audio cursor kept on moving in a single phrase even when the playback reached the subsequent phrases.
  • Sometimes, the Auto Generate pages feature used to start creating pages from some other section than one specified in the Starting Index combo box.
  • If selected phrase was different from playback phrase, elapse back command misbehaved while moving to the previous phrase.
  • Backup file is now created every 2 hours even if the user has not activated the auto-save option in Project Preferences dialog.
  • Improved the performance of Auto Generate pages feature.

List of some major bugs fixed & behaviour changes made in 4.0 alpha release:

  • On high resolution screens, zoom use to get reset at the execution of Record command.
  • Sometimes the cursor in Zoomed Waveform View scrolled out of visible area on execution of audio editing command or during undo.
  • The state of Preserve Zoom check box is now saved on closing zoom waveform view.
  • In DAISY 2.02 export, padding is added to time if the audio clip time is less than 3 decimal places. This is specifically for the Old DAISY 2.02 players which require exactly 3 decimal places in smil time.
  • For changing language of Obi's UI, the users now do not need to search for language-country combination; it can also be changed by simply selecting the language code.
  • When the Special Phrase List dialog box is expanded, the list box showing the phrases is also expanded to facilitate users.

For complete list of fixed bugs please visit fixed issues page


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