Obi 3.9 test releases

Obi 3.9 beta 2 (released on September 12, 2016)

Obi 3.9 beta 2, the 3rd test release, comes with more configurations for improving the production workflows and brings improvements and bug fixes to the features introduced in the alpha and beta 1 versions. The incremental features include improved visibility of page phrases, Options to display cursor time in Transport Bar in stop state, ability to Fix TOC view width, choice of Moving focus to the last phrase played in playback and more. In addition, it comes with new Portuguese language pack!

The beta 1 and alpha versions introduced some important features requested by members such as, cleanup rollback for reversing the last cleanup operation, option to increase efficiency for screens with higher resolution, enhancements to on-the-fly phrase detection etc along with introduction of separate set of installers for 64-bit windows systems in addition to existing 32-bit installers.

The details of the features of the test releases are as follows. Please try the test release and send your feedback and comments on Obi forum or email:

Highlights of Obi 3.9 beta 2 release

Option to display cursor time in Transport Bar in stop state

The Time Display field of Transport Bar can now show the current cursor time in the stop state also. To enable this behavior, check the check box Show cursor time in Transport Bar in stop state in the Audio tab of the Preferences dialog. If this check box is unchecked, Obi will display “0” in the stop state as earlier.
Please note that the cursor time in stop state is shown only for Elapsed in phrase and Elapsed in section values of Time Display.

New Portuguese language pack added

Obi now also comes in Portuguese! Many thanks to Vitor Ferreira for translations.

Visibility of small page phrases improved

A page phrase will now be of minimum 10 pixels in Obi. This is done to ensure the visibility of page phrase even when its length is very small, say 0.4s. In such a case, it can be hard to locate it. By having a minimum size of page phrase, its visibility is ensured.

Option to fix TOC view width

You can now fix the width of TOC view to prevent its automatic or manual adjustments. It will ensure consistent visibility of book's structure irrespective of Obi window size.
To do so, first set the TOC view to the desired width using mouse or by adjusting panel splitter. Thereafter, check the check box Fix TOC view width in the Project tab of the Preferences dialog. Once you fix the TOC view width, Obi will not allow its adjustments, unless you uncheck the check box again.

Active audio profile now shown in title bar

The title bar of Obi now also shows the audio profile currently loaded in Obi. It will appear after the project file path.

Choice of moving the focus to the last phrase played in playback

To facilitate new narrators in recording, Obi can now select the last phrase played in playback when playback stops. To enable this behavior, check the checkbox After playback, select the last phrase played in the Audio tab of the Preferences dialog.

Keyboard shortcut added to turn on/off Play on Navigate option spontaneously

The Play on Navigate option can now be turned on or off spontaneously by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+U.

Features and enhancements in Obi 3.9 alpha and beta 1 releases

Rollback the last Cleanup operation

Obi now lets you rollback the last cleanup operation. Simply click Tools->Clean unreferenced audio->Rollback and reinstate the removed unreferenced audio back in the project. You can disable this functionality by checking the check box Disable rollback for cleanup in the Project tab of the Preferences dialog.

Please ensure that the folder where the cleanup operation saves the removed unreferenced audio should not be deleted, or rollback will not be executed successfully.

Enhancements to on-the-fly phrase detection

New Obi brings further refinements to the on-the-fly phrase detection making it more robust and proficient. In addition, it comes with the choice of skipping the page phrases for phrase detection during live recording. To activate this option, check the checkbox Prevent on the fly phrase detection on pages in the Audio tab of the Preferences dialog.

Option to improve efficiency on higher resolution screens

You can now increase the efficiency of Obi on large sized screen also; just enable the option Enlarge the phrases with the increase in resolution in Project tab of the Preferences dialog. It will preserve the orientation of phrases in Content View, and will improve the efficiency by preventing accumulation of large number of waveforms in the view.

Change the font of Obi’s UI

New Obi presents the first phase of font personalization for English language. You can select the desired font for Obi’s UI elements using the Color & Font tab of the Preferences dialog. This preliminary phase enables selection of a set of popular English fonts.

Enhancements to XHTML export

The XHTML export now inserts some new metadata entries at the beginning of the exported XHTML file for facilitating the narrators.

Ability to save the current state of audio zoom

Obi now saves the current audio zoom level for the UI elements across Obi sessions. Henceforth, the users do not have to configure the audio zoom level each time they start the application or open a project. To disable this behavior, uncheck the check box Save audio zoom in the Audio tab of the Preferences dialog.

You can find help on the functionality of these features in the “What’s New?” page of Obi Help, which can be viewed by clicking on the Help contents menu item under Help menu of Obi.

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List of some major bugs fixed & behaviour changes made in this release:

  • If peak meter and TOC view were hidden, zoom panel threw exception while navigating phrases.
  • If there were empty pages after the recording position, the recording command in VA-Overwrite profile selected the last empty page of section instead of selecting the last recorded phrase.
  • Setting system to some regional languages spoiled time in smil duration attribute due to representation of decimal with comma.
  • Recording waveform panel threw an Exception occasionally, when recording was stopped.
  • On changing language, the font was not reset to default.

List of some major bugs fixed & behaviour changes made in beta 1 release:

  • If zoom waveform panel was invoked on an empty page, an exception was thrown.
  • If focus was moved to another phrase while recording, the green color of the phrase being recorded also moved to the selected phrase.
  • On some systems, rare glitches were observed in the recorded audio.
  • Zoom waveform panel shortcuts for next phrase and previous phrase have been changed to Alt+Right Arrow and Alt+Left Arrow respectively to make them in sync with the content view keyboard shortcuts.
  • Obi's log file has been moved to the users settings directory from program files to prevent the problems related to permissions.

List of some major bugs fixed & behaviour changes made in alpha release:

  • Setting system to some regional languages spoiled smil timings, due to the conventions of representing decimal with comma instead of dot.
  • The new check box to disable creation of new headings and pages while recording fail to work in some cases.
  • Even if a profile was deleted from profile list in the advance preferences, it was not deleted from the recording toolbar preferences.
  • If the Preview before Recording command was stopped during the preview (i.e. before initiation of recording), the recording could not start again.
  • If the user changed the path of XHTML export in the Export dialog, the location of the exported XHTML file did not change.

For complete list of fixed bugs please visit fixed issues page


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