Obi 2.6 Test Releases

Obi 2.6 beta (released on March 28, 2013)

Obi 2.6 Beta introduces the capabilities of importing a DAISY 2.02 book for complete backward compatibility, and preserving the pitch while increasing the fast play rate. It also provides fully integrated help system to give quick and relevant help on using the current UI component. There are other new features and enhancements. Please read on to know more.

New features and enhancements

DAISY 2.02 import

Obi can now import both audio-ncx and full-text full-audio DAISY 2.02 books. This feature is enabled via the New project from import menu item.
Earlier Obi used to support only the export functionality for DAISY 2.02 standard. But with the incorporation of DAISY 2.02 import, Obi now provides complete backward compatibility.

Context-sensitive help

Now you can get help on using a dialog box or UI component by just a push of a button. Press F1 while the dialog box is opened or the focus is on the appropriate component, and Obi will open the relevant help topic.

Pitch preservation while fast play

Obi can now preserve the pitch even after increasing the fast play rate. As a result, you will be able to hear the faster audio with the same pitch. To disable this feature, uncheck the checkbox Fast play without pitch change in the Audio tab of the Preferences dialog.

New single key shortcuts for recording

New single key shortcuts have been introduced for starting and stopping the Record command in Content view. Use the commands as follows:
  • To start recording, press R.
  • To stop recording, press T.

Save the project automatically after recording

You can instruct Obi to save the project as soon as recording is stopped or paused. To enable this feature, check the checkbox Save project when recording ends in the Project tab of the Preferences dialog.

Option to merge first two phrases after phrase detection

You can now instruct Obi to merge first two phrases resulting from the process of auto-splitting using phrase detection. To enable this feature, check the checkbox Merge first two phrases detected by phrase detection in the Audio tab of the Preferences dialog.
This feature is introduced to eliminate the chance of having a phrase with audio of silence as the first phrase of the section. The first phrase should ideally have the audio of heading, and merging first two phrases maximizes its chance.

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List of some major bugs fixed & behaviour changes made in this release:

  • If the header of one or more wav files of a project got corrupted, Obi was not able to open the project.
  • Live waveform creation has been made more stable.
  • Obi was not able to start if a language culture not supported by Obi was selected from user profile preferences.
  • The command Export selected audio always exported audio files with mono channel even if the audio format of the project had stereo channels.
  • Reference of anchor phrase was not updated if the referred skippable phrase was changed to plain phrase.
  • Exception was thrown when speak button was pressed after selecting invalid text to speech voice in audio preferences.
  • The message box asking to renumber pages when recording ends has been removed.
  • When the command Import audio file is invoked on section selection, new phrases are appended at the end of the section. Earlier new phrases were inserted before the first phrase of the section.

For complete list of fixed bugs please visit fixed issues page


To download Obi 2.6 beta please visit download page and scroll to the test releases table.