Known Limitations

This release of Obi 4.1 has some limitations in it which are known. This list covers them. These will be removed in future releases.

Inability to select multiple items collectively

One can select only a single item at a time in Obi. This means that only a single phrase or a single section can be selected. So, operations like copy, paste, merge, delete etc. operate on a single phrase or a single section. Some relief is provided for these limitations with operations like Merge multiple sections, merge with preceding / following phrases, delete following phrases, phrase detection on multiple phrases / sections, multiple section operations dialog and audio processing on multiple phrases.

Pipeline-lite does not work with non western characters in file path

Pipeline-lite is not able to operate if there are non western characters in path of the file. It is recommended to keep non western characters away from the file paths on which Pipeline-lite needs to work. This means, DAISY 3 export folder and DAISY 2.02 export folder have to be placed at a location so that there are no non western characters in its path. This only affects validation, mp3 encoding and fileset renaming process and does not hinder normal operations of book authoring.

EPUB 3 export & import does not support skippable structures yet

The skippable structures like footnotes, sidebars, notes etc. are yet not supported by EPUB 3 export & import. The support will be added as the EPUB 3 navigable audio-only guidelines will progress.

Error messages are not so user friendly

Error messages in message boxes when some invalid operation is done, give information. But these messages are not so user friendly, especially the exception messages. These will be replaced with more user friendly text in future.