We are producing NCC and NCC partial text DAISY books. How can we provide include navigation by paragraph?

During original production in the Advanced Recording window in lpStudio/Pro you have the option to use the "Next Audio" button which will generate a new audio clip (audio event) when this button is selected during recording. As the narrator completes a paragraph the technician (or the narrator, if he or she is working without the aid of a technician) selects the Next Audio button. A new audio event will be generated, corresponding to the paragraph break in the book.

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The DAISY Consortium contributes to the development and promotion of open international standards (DAISY, EPUB 3).

DAISY publications assist people who have challenges using regular printed media. Readers benefit from e-books and audio books with added features including rapid navigation.

DAISY Makes Reading Easier (YouTube Video)  transcript

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DAISY Marketplace

Dolphin EasyConverter Express logo EasyConverter Express version 1 2017-11-29

This first version of EasyConverter Express is available for free to people in developing countries to convert Word documents into braille, large print, MP3 and DAISY talking books. Visit the EasyConverter Express page on the Dolphin website for further details.

Dolphin GuideReader Pod logo GuideReader Pod v1 2017-11-29

The first generation GuideReader Pod enables anyone to use their television to control reading of books, newspapers and magazines in large print and audio. Further details are available on the GuideReader Pod page on the Dolphin website. 

VitalSource logo VitalSource Content Studio (VCS) 2017-09-18

VitalSource Content Studio (VCS) is a digital content authoring tool which enables the production of accessible EPUB3 or HTML5 publications, suitable for reading on VitalSource's Bookshelf, or any other eBook reader which supports EPUB3.

The VCS tool is:

  • Interactive for educators wanting more FLEXIBILITY
  • Responsive to learners' needs with greater AGILITY
  • Accessible for a learning experience that's INTUITIVE

Find out more on the VitalSource VCS site.

Dolphin EasyReader for iOS and Android logo Dolphin EasyReader app for iOS 2017-06-25

Browse & download books from your favorite libraries including Bookshare, Legimus, Vision Australia, RNIB Bookshare & more. Subscribe & read newspapers with NFB-NEWSLINE, RNIB NTNM, MTM & more. Copy text from anywhere on your phone & hear EasyReader announce it. Read with your ears & eyes with synchronized text & audio. More information is provided on the Dolphin Computer Access website.



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