daisy problem


To whom it may concern,

My name is Eunice Do.

I'm writing in regard to your Pipeline program.

I have a problem of making DAISY files.

I make DAISY XML files in MS-word and create a DAISY Book using Pipeline. At this time, two 'no title's appear in the section all the time. This stops DAISY players and braille notetakers from playing contents.

I'd appreciate it if you could solve this problem.

Thanks for the help.


p.s. If you need screenshots, I'll give them to you. Please give me your address.


I am not able to understand the issue clearly. Please send more details including the Word document, its XML and converted DAISY book to me by email so that i can investigate.

My email ID is pverma[at the rate]daisy.org.

What is your email address?

I provided my email ID in the last comment. It is pverma[at the rate]daisy.org. Please replace [at the rate] with the regular @ symbol. I wrote the email address in that way to avoid spam.