DAISY Pipeline 2

New project website is at http://daisy.github.io/pipeline/.

The DAISY Pipeline 2 is an ongoing project to develop a next generation framework for automated production of accessible materials for people with print disabilities. It is the follow-up and total redesign of the original DAISY Pipeline 1 project.

The overarching principle of the Pipeline 2 is to adopt recent platform-neutral standards (and off-the-shelf implementations of those standards) at the heart of a comprehensive framework, which will:

  • minimize the development and maintenance cost, allowing developers to ultimately focus more on actual transformations rather than the engine that drives the transformations.
  • lower the framework learning curve
  • increase interoperability with the heterogeneous production workflows
  • increase the likelihood of re-use in both open source and commercial applications.

For more information on the Pipeline 2 development, please see: