DAISY Consortium Press Release: Mathematics Now Added to the DAISY Standard

For Immediate Release

Mathematics Now Added to the DAISY Standard

The DAISY Consortium approves MathML - the first modular extension to DAISY

ZURICH, Switzerland - March 22, 2007 - The DAISY Consortium announced today the formal adoption of the specification for the DAISY/NISO Standard Modular Extension for Mathematics. The publication of the Mathematics Modular Extension is crucial to integrating accessible mathematics into DAISY and NIMAS-compliant books. The path to accessible mathematics is now clear.

The current DAISY/NISO Standard does not include an explicit method for including mathematics, however it does define how Modular Extensions can be added. The DAISY MathML Modular Extension working group has developed a solution for including mathemathics using a MathML extension, enabling full support for accessible mathemathics in the DAISY/NISO Standard.