Webbox3 to be launched at Sight City 2017

Solutions Radio from Delft, Netherlands will proudly present version 3 of its renowned Webbox during the forthcoming Sight City in Frankfurt! Solutions Radio will launch Webbox3 for the European market.


What is Webbox3?

Webbox3 is a plug and play, very easy to operate multi-media device for the reading disabled. This online (DAISY) player with audible prompts enables access to a wealth of information and entertainment. It offers immediate reading pleasure (talking books, magazines and newspapers) and a rich offering of information-on-demand. Choices are made by listening to the audible prompts and pressing OK to select.


What is new?

Its sleek new modern design and larger tactile buttons! Moreover, it is battery powered and finally truly portable.

Besides Wi-Fi, an internal USB port for 4G connection to Internet is now possible. Of course, there are more novelties, which we would love to show to you in person.


If we would say: it's a radio that also reads emails, we would not be joking!:-) Come to Sight City and see for yourself!


What is the same?

Owners of Webbox2 need not fear. The content offered on both versions, for the time being is identical and fully compatible.