Tobi Simplifies Conversion from DAISY to EPUB 3 for Publishers of Talking Books

Tobi, the DAISY / EPUB multimedia production tool, recently gained new features for upgrading publications in DAISY 3 format to EPUB 3.


Tobi 2.1.1 enables user-friendly processes for upgrading books created in DAISY 3 format to EPUB 3. Thanks to improved interface and support for the latest version of Pipeline 2 (Version 1.6), users can upgrade DAISY XML to EPUB 3 text-only and DAISY 3 full-text, full-audio books to EPUB 3 content with media overlays directly through Tobi.


Tobi is also available in French. A special thank you goes to Association Valentin Haüy & Institut National des Jeunes Aveugles, France for their French translations.

Other improvements include:

  • More reliable text navigation in both EPUB and DAISY projects (which also benefits operations like "record continue", "split continue" and text-to-speech generation)
  • Fixed rounding off errors during export
  • Fixed occasional video display related error
  • Improved file saving format for EPUB projects (this may require re-importing some of the EPUB projects)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Please visit the Tobi project page to download version 2.1.1:


The change log, describing all changes in this release is available at:


Feedback, queries & suggestions are most welcome, please use the Tobi forum: