Dolphin's Accessible Resources Pilot Project: Full Report and Findings Now Available

The 'Accessible Resources Pilot Project' ran throughout the 2009/2010 school year working with both dyslexic and visually impaired students and was led by Dolphin Computer Access following a successful Department for Education tender. Funded by the same UK Government Department, the project tested a new model for providing textbooks and other curriculum materials as Microsoft Word files. Teaching professionals at the schools also used the same Word files to create Braille, large print, DAISY and MP3 editions of the 130 textbooks.

40 pupils from 9 different schools across the North West of England were involved in the trials. 20 of the pupils were dyslexic, and 20 had a visual impairment, being either blind or partially sighted.

Alongside Dolphin's experience in the world of assistive technology and alternative format provision, their success in the 'Accessible Resources Pilot Project' enables them to make recommendations that have been tried and tested with proven results. Download the full project report including the project's findings from the Dolphin Computer Access: My Accessible School website.