O'Reilly December 14th Webcast Coming Up: HTML5 for Publishers

Times for the December 14th webcast: 10 PT San Francisco, 6pm - London, 1pm - New York, Thursday Dec. 15th at 5am - Sydney, Thursday Dec. 15th at 3am - Tokyo, Thursday, Dec. 15th at 2am - Beijing.

Speakers: Kat Meyers and Sanders Kleinfeld

HTML5 is coming to your e-book reader! With the release of the EPUB 3 specification, HTML5 support is now officially part of EPUB standard, and publishers will be able to take full advantage of HTML5's feature set to add rich media and interactivity to their e-book content.

HTML5 for Publishers gives an overview of some of the most exciting features HTML5 provides to e-book content creators: audio / video, geolocation, and the Canvas. Learn how to put them in action.

Also discover how to:

  • Intersperse audio / video with textual content
  • Create a graphing calculator to display algebraic equations on the Canvas
  • Use geolocation to customize a work of fiction with details from the reader's location
  • Use Canvas to add an interactive "finger painting" app to your e-book
  • Make interactive EPUB files for the iPad.

Please follow the link to register online.