Accessible Media

You can listen to accessible books on:

A text-based digital DAISY book can be:

  • Read using refreshable Braille display or screen reading software
  • Printed as Braille book on paper
  • Converted to a talking book using synthesized voice
  • Printed on paper as large print book
  • Read as large print text on computer screen
  • Navigated easily
  • Downloaded and saved

The DAISY Online Delivery Protocol facilitates the delivery of digital content (accessible publications) from service providers to end users - via apps or players.

How is DAISY useful for students?

  • Readers can place multiple bookmarks and move around quickly, therefore DAISY is ideal for locating material quickly when studying.
  • The DAISY structuring allows essays and papers to be completed to academic standards with footnote details and bibliography.
  • Some digital DAISY playback devices have the ability to record, so you can record lectures.

Where do I get accessible content including DAISY books?

Please check our Members and Friends list for additional providers and producers of DAISY content.

Last revision: March 19th, 2017