People have equal access to information and knowledge, regardless of disabilities.

We envision a future where 'born accessible' publications are digitally created with key accessibility features built in rather than built on. The second, a more costly approach requires conversion from an inaccessible format into a format that can be used by all people, including those who have a print disability.


We work to create the best way to read and publish for everybody, in the 21st century.

We advocate that the accessibility features be implemented in all mainstream publications and supported by mainstream reading applications and devices.

The era of 'born accessible' publications means that the future of publishing and reading will be inclusive for everyone, providing equal access to books and information for people with print disabilities.

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Collaborative efforts bring to people with disabilities:

  • Access to the same information at the same time without extra cost
  • Rich reading experience with eyes, ears or fingers
  • Easier access to the publications they want to read
  • More mainstream publications with built-in accessibility to purchase or borrow
  • Control over their reading experience
  • Affordable reading technologies that are easy to use

People without disabilities benefit from:

  • The great navigable reading experience introduced by DAISY
  • The multi-media possibilities pioneered by DAISY technology
  • Improvements incorporated in the new generation of accessible mainstream e-publications

Governments, industry and civil society benefit from:

  • Delivery of access to information and educational material suitable for developing countries and in the industrialized world, required in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • Affordable and efficient reading and publishing systems supported by all stakeholders
  • Improvements in access to information for those who are illiterate
  • Authors, publishers and libraries reaching more customers.

Key Activities

To achieve our mission, vision and goals we need to:

  1. Help creators, distributors and service providers of access-enhanced publications be more effective
  2. Help DAISY Consortium member organizations to work together to deliver inclusion
  3. Help authors and mainstream publishers build inclusion into their publishing processes
  4. Help publishing, reading technology and content authoring tool industries to enable a great reading experience for people reading with their eyes, ears or fingers
  5. Influence legal, copyright and standards bodies to make an efficient global marketplace that includes developing countries
  6. Help people with disabilities benefit from the improvements.

Helping creators and distributors of access-enhanced books to be more effective

Our ideal is to make access-enhanced publications unnecessary; but this is not yet feasible for some types of publications. So, for those publications that still need customization we have to help Special Libraries and the creators and distributors of access-enhanced books to:

  • Reduce the number of books they might have to customize
  • Improve the efficiency of access-enhanced publishing for those titles that need it
  • Improve how they work with the global publishing industry
  • Reduce the high costs and global duplication of effort involved in producing and distributing access-enhanced books
  • Remove the barriers to an efficient global marketplace for access-enhanced books
  • Assist their customers in finding the publications they want.

We will do this by:

  • Providing them with a collective global voice on Inclusive Publishing, by being part of a global network with a shared vision and mission
  • Providing a pathway for migrating and developing access-enhanced publication collections that is reliable, and reduces risks
  • Helping them collectively develop technologies and tools that will make them more efficient and improve their services
  • Sharing costs and knowledge across the industry: Developing partnerships with the global publishing industry
  • Improving the route to market for access-enhanced publications
  • Developing a global partnership with mainstream publishing industry that can be realised at national and local levels
  • Fostering a “Global marketplace” for access-enhanced publications that enables access to any access-enhanced publication wherever it is in the world and enabling members to offer access to a global library that will include the developing world
  • For rights-holders, where possible, we will develop revenue streams from access-enhanced publications.

Helping DAISY Consortium member organizations to work together to deliver inclusion

Organisations join the DAISY Consortium seeking ways to improve information inclusion for their customers and stakeholders. The DAISY Consortium wants to provide a global partnership platform that enables member organisations to pool their knowledge and resources and co-ordinate efforts to improve inclusion at global, regional and national levels. The consortium also wants to provide a platform for members to benchmark and improve their practices, and foster an effective global marketplace for the specialist tools, technologies and products that may be needed by members. The consortium strives to provide a global platform for partnership with publishing and technology industries, standards bodies and government institutions that facilitates improvements in inclusion.

We will do this by:

  • Providing membership categories which enable all types of relevant organisations in all countries to participate in achieving our common goal
  • Providing member benefits such as information services, expert advice, and collective access to tools and technologies
  • Providing a governance, treasury and management platform for projects and workgroups tackling issues of common interest in furthering our mission
  • Developing and maintaining standards and technologies needed for our mission using open and collaborative methods, making the results readily available to members and industry to implement in their products and services
  • Providing support services for members implementing DAISY standards and technologies in all parts of the world
  • Providing conferences, webinars and newsletter services that allow members to benchmark their services and gain from collective expertise
  • Providing a global platform and framework for partnership with relevant industries and institutions that further our global aims and enable members to benefit at national and local levels.

Helping authors and mainstream publishers build inclusion into their publishing process

A significant part of the population cannot enjoy an author’s work due to a disability. There is an inefficient system of access-enhanced publishing that allows some publications to reach some disabled people. The DAISY Consortium has developed standards and reading technologies which can also greatly benefit the general public. Authors and the publishing industry need to be able to create inclusive, accessible mainstream publications that will also benefit the general public, and which will, as necessary, support the economic delivery of access-enhanced publications.

We need to reduce the barriers to the creation of accessible mainstream publications so that publishers can enhance their inclusive publishing processes and so that processes for access-enhanced publications can be improved and become more effective.

We will help publishers and authors by:

  • Providing them with expertise on inclusive publishing and reading
  • Helping them to economically reach disabled customers
  • Making it easy for authors and publishers to create accessible mainstream publications
  • Improving the way they work with the access-enhanced publishing sector to reach customers with a disability

This will dramatically increase the number of accessible mainstream publications with built-in accessibility that are usable by people with disabilities, and provide a better way to read for all customers. This will also widen publishers’ markets.

Helping publishing and reading technology industries to enable a great reading experience for people reading with their eyes, ears and fingers

The publishing technology industry needs to provide authors and publishers with tools to support their creation of inclusive and access-enhanced publications. Readers need inclusive and specialist tools to read. Technology providers need a global market for their publishing technology and assistive products that includes the developing world.

We will do this by supporting the publishing technology industry with:

  • Expertise on inclusive publishing and reading
  • Technical standards that they can rely on that are open, non-proprietary and have an inclusive approach to development
  • Assistance to create a global market for inclusive and assistive technologies
  • A connection to user experiences and perspectives to improve their technology
  • Influencing legal, copyright and standards’ bodies to create an efficient global marketplace

To simplify the inclusive publishing process for everyone, we will coordinate accessibility standards and laws. This involves working with standards’ organisations, law makers and copyright bodies. We are committed to:

  • Developing equitable inclusive global standards
  • An inclusive equitable copyright regime.

We will support the standards industry to develop inclusive standards for the whole publishing and distribution process, by:

  • Providing technical expertise and resources
  • Supporting global adoption
  • Providing a connection to end user perspectives and experiences.

There are legal and copyright barriers to customized publishing and an efficient world market in these expensive products.

To resolve this we will:

  • Work with the legal, copyright and standards bodies to remove these barriers
  • Support the reform of copyright to achieve an equitable and efficient regime.

Helping governments, civil society and disabled peoples’ organisations to achieve their inclusion aims

Governments have committed to improving access to information and education, as part of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPWD). Many have put in place legal frameworks to reduce discrimination.

Governments, civil society and educators support inclusion and special service provision. However, their use of resources is not as effective as it could be.

The way to improve this is to make the inclusive and access-enhanced publishing industry more efficient at global and local levels. We will do this by:

  • developing open global standards that support inclusion
  • encouraging an inclusive publishing industry
  • developing a more efficient access-enhanced publishing industry
  • supporting governments in developing inclusive legislation and procurement policies
  • helping education establishments to fully include disabled students
  • supporting an efficient global marketplace of access-enhanced publications to share costs.

Improving the availability of accessible mainstream and access-enhanced publications will help governments encourage the more inclusive society promised in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Helping people with disabilities benefit from the improvements

People with print disabilities have endured a “book famine” and may not have the expectation and skills to benefit from our work. To benefit from the improvements they need to:

  • Know about new possibilities of reading as they become available
  • Know how to find the inclusive accessible mainstream and access-enhanced publications that suit them
  • Find the reading technologies they may need that are affordable and easy to use
  • Develop the skills needed to get the best from accessible mainstream and access-enhanced publications.

To resolve this we will:

  • Co-ordinate clear communications about what is now possible via member organisations
  • Reach out to developing countries to bring Inclusive publishing to those regions
  • Work with library colleagues to improve discovery of accessible mainstream and access-enhanced publications
  • Work to ensure mainstream reading technologies are inclusive, and assistive technologies affordable
  • Develop and distribute training and support materials, and encourage a network of peer support.


Overall the DAISY Consortium believes that by working across the publishing industry’s value chain from standards and laws through the publishing, library and distribution industries, to people with disabilities, we will achieve our vision of people having equal access to information and knowledge, regardless of disabilities.

Last update: September 2nd, 2015