People have equal access to information and knowledge regardless of disability; a right confirmed by the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


To develop solutions for accessible publishing and reading in partnership with civil society, publishing and technology industries, standards bodies and governments.

Collaborative efforts bring to people with disabilities:

  • Access to the same information at the same time without extra cost
  • Rich reading experience with eyes, ears or fingers
  • Easier access to publications they want to read
  • More mainstream publications with built-in accessibility to purchase or borrow
  • Control over reading experience
  • Affordable reading technologies that are easy to use

All people benefit from:

  • The great navigable reading experience introduced by DAISY
  • Improvements incorporated in the new generation of accessible mainstream publications

Governments, industries and civil society benefit from:

  • Access to information and universally designed educational materials
  • Affordable and efficient reading and publishing systems supported by all stakeholders
  • Improvements in access to information for those who are illiterate
  • Authors, publishers and libraries reaching more customers.

Last update: May 11th, 2017