Member Detail: DAISY Lanka Foundation

DAISY Lanka Foundation (DLF)

12/4/2 Seevale Lane, Station Road, Wattala 11300

Phone: +94-(0)112981349
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The DLF is a non-profit, non-commercial, non-political and secular organisation. The Foundation was set up to produce or cause to be produced and distribute DAISY digital talking books, journals, periodicals and other print information in the local languages of Sri Lanka among the print disabled in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. A Focal Point Training in various DAISY production techniques was conducted under the aegis of the DLF in August 2004 by instructors from India and Japan. The computers and other hardware and software for this training had been donated by the DAISY-FOR-ALL (dfa) PROJECT. At the end of the colloquium this equipment was deployed in various production centres. DTBs are being recorded by these production centres under DLF supervision and guidance. A Follow-up training is being organised this year by the DLF to help the participants of the FPT to review and revise their knowledge and skills. The training is conducted by Professor D.P.M. Weerakkody and assisted by Mr. Rajitha Amarasinghe and Mr. A.J. Bernard. All three instructors have received training abroad: Prof.Weerakkody and Mr. Amarasinghe in Bangkok, Thailand, and Mr. Bernard in New Delhi, India. The DLF is taking steps to disseminate awareness about the DAISY concept islandwide. We are also looking for avenues to set up our own studios and central repository of DTBs. We also plan to import DTBs in English and other languages recorded overseas for circulation among the print disabled in this country. The DLF will continue to coordinate the work of the various production centres, and to provide consultation on technical and legal matters.