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We also invite you to consider joining the Developing Countries Alliance, a working group committed to facilitating capacity building projects in developing countries. The group's key objective is to facilitate coordination among different organizations' initiatives so they can complement each other for a holistic solution in the area of inclusive publishing as well as production and distribution of accessible publications for persons with print disabilities in developing countries.

Limitations of Electronic Text and Audio Today

Typical audio books do not allow the reader to move through the book easily. You can listen from beginning to end, but not much more, resulting in frustration and wasted time.

While it is possible to navigate through some electronic text files, this option may or may not be accessible to everyone. Electronic content that lacks navigation makes reading slower and less efficient than it has to be.

Navigable DAISY content that has electronic text available, either with or without audio, may permit readers to examine the spelling of words, or search the text, using a software player on a computer or a mobile app. When DAISY full text is available, some software players also offer users the ability to display and highlight the text of the book on the screen.

Finding the Best Way to Read...

DAISY books can increase reading speed and improve reading efficiency. With the press of a button, you can jump to the chapter you need. . . faster than the eyes can skim.

Why Choose DAISY or EPUB 3?

The DAISY standard provides flexibility. You can listen to a DAISY book on a computer while reading the text with a braille display. Or you can listen to a DAISY audio book with a special stand-alone player at home or using your mobile phone or tablet when traveling.

There are different kinds of DAISY books, ranging from audio only to text only, with full text and full audio as the fullest and richest reading experience for the end user. It is even possible to produce hard copy braille from a full text DAISY book.

Although the DAISY Standard was developed for people with print disabilities, there are many applications for it:

  • Lectures that are available as audio and text files simultaneously.
  • Emergency preparedness materials in structured audio format, available to all who need them.
  • Synchronized text and audio is valuable for teaching literacy or a foreign language.

DAISY features are incorporated into the mainstream EPUB 3 standard.

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