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  • (Tobi forum) 7 hours 31 min ago

    Thank you really much for your information. Currently, I do not have time to test your product.

    It seems to do work pretty well.

    I promise to allocate more time to testing next year and get touch with you with some relevant exprience.

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    (Obi forum) 7 hours 35 min ago

    Thank you for your kind answer. This information helps us a lot.

    I have used Obi a bit lately and it seems to do a great job as an epub3 production tool.
    In the future, I hope I have more time to delve into it and give more comment on it.
    This will be one of my top goals for next year.

  • (Save as DAISY Microsoft forum) 7 hours 41 min ago

    Thank you very much for your kind reply. This helps us a lot.

  • (Save as DAISY Microsoft forum) 5 days 4 hours ago

    The Save As DAISY Word Addin is not being developed further. There is no planned release of this tool. You should look at other tools for creating DAISY content.

  • Reply to: Development of Obi
    (Obi forum) 6 days 16 hours ago


    Is there a specific feature for which you are waiting? There will be a point release of Obi in this year, but it would have incremental features. If you are waiting for something specific then I do not think that an overview of release roadmap would be helpful. It would be good to know your specific expectation.

    With regards

  • (Tobi forum) 1 week 12 hours ago
    Hello "smarties", so far the feedback for Tobi has not revealed any particular issues, with respect to newly added features and/or regression bugs in existing functionality. There is no firm release date for a "stable" release yet, but this will be discussed soon. Are you using the app yourself? What are your impressions so far? Thank you! Daniel
  • (Tobi forum) 1 week 13 hours ago


    Is there any planned date when the public testing is over and Tobi v. can be released as a stable release?

    Kind regards,


  • (Pipeline 2 forum) 2 weeks 2 days ago

    Try the new Pipeline 2 version. It has a GUI and does not require you to configure the path of Java.

    You can download the new version from

  • (Pipeline 2 forum) 2 weeks 2 days ago

    Could you please explain how to set the path to the location where the JAVA runtime is located?

  • (Obi forum) 2 weeks 3 days ago
    The restrictions in file names is due to the specifications (see below). Its worth mentioning that even some mp3 players will not recognize local language strings in filenames. 3.3.1 Allowed Characters in File Names To assure interoperability when transporting DTBs between various locales and platforms, characters in file names must be restricted to the alphanum definition of [RFC2396], and a subset of the RFC2396 mark definition. This effectively reduces allowed characters to [A-Za-z0-9._-].