V2.0 beta: Footnotes


I have a few questions about footnotes in Save as DAISY version 2.0. I am using the beta version.

1. How does the Accessibility->Add Footnote button work? Whenever I click it, it either asks me to select footnote text, or says it cannot find the referenced footnote text. I can check for the exact wording if it helps. I tried both before creating Word footnotes (with a button under "References") and after, and I tried selecting the text I wanted to make into a footnote, the text of the footnote number, and the text of the footnote after it was created. Nothing worked.

2. However, the footnotes I created using Word's built-in feature were marked up correctly in my exported DTBook document. What I found, though, was that the placement was strange. For example, a footnote near the end of a chapter produced a DTBook file that looks like this:

Chapter 3
Paragraph with footnote reference [1]
end of chapter 3

Chapter 4
Byline text
Footnote #1 text
First paragraph of chapter 4
end example

This causes the display to show the footnote for Chapter 3 in the middle of Chapter 4. This oddity also shows up in the MP3 files that get generated by the Pipeline. It sounds like "Chapter 4. Byline. Footnote from somewhere else. Rest of chapter 4."

Please let me know if you would like more information, including document samples.


Marisa DeMeglio
Software Developer
DAISY Consortium

Hi Marisa,

1. The Accessibility -> "Add Footnote" button functionality has no linking with Office word’s default footnote and word’s
custom footnotes. Footnotes are found missing when scanned documents are converted back to the document. In
such a scenario, the footnote text can be selected by the user and he would have the provision to see all the
available occurrence of the reference throughout the document. Please refer Footnotes section in
Daisy_Translator_Instruction_Manual for further information.

2. In the DAISY Translator, Footnotes are designed to appear at the end of each page in the document. So, in
your document it seems that Chapter3 ends in the same page from where Chapter4 starts. So, the Footnote
reference appears in Chapter3 and Footnote text is in the middle of Chapter4. It is suggested to start Chapter4
in the new page.

Pavan Kakumani.