Amis 3.1 deploying on a network


Hello, I'm trying to roll-out Amis 3.1 on a school network. (server: Windows Server 2003, Clients: WIndows XP SP3) Therefore I try to capture a workstation client to make a MSI. Unfortunately this is not succesful. After rolling out the self made MSI to the workstations I try to start Amis 3.1 bij clicking on (network drive) P:\Leerling_sw\DAISY\D48002\AMIS.exe This results in this error (in dutch): P:\Leerling_sw\DAISY\D48002\AMIS.exe De toepassing kan niet worden gestart omdat de configuratie van de toepassing onjuist is. Het opnieuw installeren van de toepassing kan dit probleem oplossen. Translated: The application cannot be started because the configuration of the application is incorrect. Reinstalling this application may solve this problem. Is there a perhaps a workstation MSI available? Do you have any ideas/tips? Thanks in advance! Greetz, Mike

Hi Mike, I'm not familiar with this type of program installation, but it sounds like some basic requirements for AMIS are missing -- that particular error message does not sound like one that AMIS gives itself, but rather a generic Microsoft one. So probably, AMIS wasn't able to actually start up because something is missing. My first guess is that the correct version of the MFC runtimes are not installed. AMIS tries to install these itself, but perhaps something went wrong since the environment is different. What steps did you take to install AMIS? Did you create your own installer? Did you just wrap the existing installer in an MSI package, or did you write a new one? Marisa

Hi Marisa, Thanks for your help! The error is from Microsoft indeed. I try to capture the existing installer of AMIS 3.1 in an MSI package (By the way: in AMIS version 3.0 we did this succesfully). This results in the error when I try to start AMIS.exe on the network drive. After the error I executed vcedist_x86.exe to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 redistributable package to make sure the correct MFC runtimes is installed. Same result.... I agree with you that probably something is missing in my MSI . Of course it is hard to explain wich files and register keys are included in it... Do you have any more suggestions? Thanks! Mike

Hi Mike, The installer for AMIS 3.1 got "smarter" in its system checks. If I were you, I would look at our NSIS-based installer and try to mimic it in your environment. Here is a starting point: Marisa

Hello Marissa, Thanks for your help. I've tried to make a new client. I think something with amis3_jfw_scripts.exe is wrong in our client. Unfortunately it did'nt work for us. I'll wait till there is a new version of AMIS in the future and then give it another try (AMIS version 3.0 is still working in our network). Thank for your support! Greetz, Mike

The installer isn't expected to change for the next AMIS revision, so I think you'll likely have the same problems. Maybe your installer doesn't have permission to install the jaws scripts executable on client machines? Or, maybe it isn't copied to the right location or something like that. AMIS will first check the user's registry for a Jaws installation, and then it will install the jaws scripts using amis3_jfw_scripts.exe from a temporary directory.

If you would like to continue this on email, you can write me: marisa [dot] demeglio [at] gmail

I've managed to create a MSI file, from the installation. It took me a day to get it to work but it does :-).

If someone needs it, just send me a PM.


How about contributing an article on DAISYpedia with a link to your installer.
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I've had some problems too when trying to capture the NSIS-based installation of Amis311SE.exe.
After having experimented a while I now have a working MSI-based setup (but I cannot share it because I use an illegal license for Wise Package Studio).

A long story made short:
The NSI source contains an error in setup-amis3.nsi (where to look for the MSVC Runtime in the registry); it searches for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{837b34e3-7c30-493c-8f6a-2b0f04e2912c} when in fact the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable has an entry like ...{7299052b-02a4-4627-81f2-1818da5d550d} causing it to run the included vcredist_x86.exe regardless of it's installed or not.

I extracted the vcredist_x86.exe first, installed it and made a registry key with the incorrect value (avoiding the Setup-amis311-Svenska.exe to install MSVC Runtime).
Then I captured the Amis311 installation.

And, I got the same failure as before like the first poster in this thread (Heutink-ICT)...
...but wait.. ..after editing the rights on the folder located under All Users\AMIS (settings) to allow write for everyone it worked as a charm (did it on the installdir folder also)!

Hope this helps someone!

Thanks for sharing that information. I'll have a look at it and check with MS for the latest on what they've done with the VC++ 2005 Redist. I remember there were some issues at the time of the AMIS 3.0 release regarding Windows Update not actually pulling the correct version of it, so we had to make sure it was included.


...the included vcredist_x86.exe {7299052b-02a4-4627-81f2-1818da5d550d} is the Visual C++ 2005 SP1 runtime files.
But in the NSI source you look for {837b34e3-7c30-493c-8f6a-2b0f04e2912c} and that's the Visual C++ 2005 SP1 ATL Security Update runtime files.
And that's because Visual Studio 2005 SP1 includes modified versions of the VC redist packages.
As far as I could tell by the info on: stating that the installed product code of vcredist _must_ be {7299052b-02a4-4627-81f2-1818da5d550d} for AMIS 311 to function?
I haven't got it working without that product.
So I make an install check first in my MSI to see if it's installed.
But that means I have to install vcredist {7299052b-02a4-4627-81f2-1818da5d550d} first, and it would be nice if I could avoid that if I have another Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable already installed!

How many possible redistributable runtimes are there for VC++ 2005? AMIS would like the one that represents VC++ 2005 SP1.

There's a multitude of them out there.., I'll guess the installation check of the correct - when it comes to AMIS - version (i.e. Visual C++ 2005 SP1 runtime files with product code {7299052b-02a4-4627-81f2-1818da5d550d}) is a necessary part of the AMIS installation.
DLL Hell rulez ;-)

By the way, the newest AMIS installer (for version 3.1.2) checks for the VC Redist with ID 7299052b-02a4-4627-81f2-1818da5d550d. I hope it helps. Thanks for your feedback about this! the installer code; thank you!

Hello Jeroen,

Is it possible for you to send me the Daisy msi installation file.
Thank you very much.


Hello Jeroen,
I would also like to receive the msi file that you created. Our installations do not seem to work flawlessly.
Thanks in advance...