Daisy Online downloading and streaming of content: session question



I have a problem with a sentence in the Daisy Online specification:
In section "4.4.2 Downloading and Streaming of Content" there is a note at the bottom which says: "A service should allow a reading system to access resources outside of an active session".

does this mean: you don't need to have an active HTTPSession or you don't need to be logged in to the 'daisy online webservice'?

thanks for the help

Hello, Active session in this context implies that you don't have to be logged on to the DAISY Online Web Service. Please note the use of the word "should" in this note. The implication of the word "should" is that the DAISY Online Standard recommends that a DAISY Online compliant Web Service enable a Reading system to download/stream content even when the Reading system is not logged on to the DAISY Online Web Service. However, a Service provider may choose to link the downloading/streaming process with its DAISY Online Web service session internally.