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I was trying to create a accessible maths daisy book using openoffice and its save as daisy plugin. i typed all the equations using formula editor of open office and then exported to daisy full text full nk. audio book. But when i open the book in any math enabled daisy players it is not displaying the equations at all. rest of the text are displayed properly but the equation areas are left blank. Also when you open the xml file you cannot find any informations for the equations there. Open office save as daisy manual says that it supports MATH ML . So i dont understand where the problem is? Kindly help me solve this issue.


Dear Sreeja, odt2daisy support MathML for export as DAISY XML. Unfortunately, MathML is not yet supported for export as Full DAISY since the DAISY Pipeline require MathML altimg tag (which is not provided) You should be able to export as DAISY XML and review Math Content with your DAISY Player. On the other hand, the DAISY Pipeline should signal you an error during Full DAISY export if MathML content is found. I recommend you to insert MathML in like this: - > Insert > Object ... > Formula Then you should specify an alternative text using: - Right Click on the formula > Object ... > Text Alternative Best Regards Vincent Spiewak - odt2daisy author

dear Mr.Vincent Spiewak thank you for your reply. Unfortunately my problem is not solved yet. I again tried creating a file in the same way that u specified. i created the equation through insert->object->formula and also used formula elements for inserting equations. Then i gave alt text then exxport to daisy xml. When i tried opening it in gh player(the xml file) it is not displaying the equation part. Rest of the text are displayed properly but not the equation. Gh player also tells you to install math player from design science website for displaying the math content. i also did that. But still the problem of not displaying the equations exists. where do you think i am making mistake? thanks sreeja

Dear sreeja, After you download/install the GhPlayer, you should make sure that "Use MathML natively" is checked under Customize/Math on the Options menu item. I reviewed the MathML support and it work fine in ghPlayer + MathPlayer with a DAISY XML book. (??? can appear in red if the alternative text is not specified) PS: support for MathML in Full DAISY books isn't yet available. There is issues for generate an alternative image. PS2: are you using odt2daisy as an individual or for an organisation ? Best Regards

hello Mr. Spiewak I think main problem in my case is after converting the file to daisy xml, when i open and see the xml file it is not displaying the equations. when the equations is not there in xml itself how can it be there on gh player. I also tried inserting a jpeg picture in the file and then export to daisy xml, the same problem occurs. Means neither picure not formulas that we insert are getting converted to xml. what can be the reason? thanks sreeja

Dear Mr Sreeja, Could you please send an email with your document in attachment (in odt format) at: vspiewakATusersDOTsourceforgeDOTnet (replace AT by @ and DOT by .) Best Regards

The problem is now located. Since 3.2, Formula are embed as MathML without the math prefix, before it was math:math. The bugfix will be available on the next release (version 2.2 or >) By the way, you have a "bad" formula in your document. OOo 3.2 output a math:mi with a "stretchy" attribute which is forbidden by the DTD. Best Regards