Some problems with AMIS

Hello all. I am experiencing some difficulties with AMIS. first, when I open the program, it worcks correctly, fine, but if I load some books or if I make sertain actions, and then I close it and re open it again, the program crashes. it takes me to a Windows error dialog box. however, I run it with the compatibilitty modes, and it worcks just fine. what can I do to solve this problem? or I have to still using AMIS in debug mode or compatibilitty modes. another thing is, that I have my book loaded in the player, and I want to decrease or increase the rate of the book, but I don't notice any changes in the rate. what's going onn with this? its a problem of the books? or of the reader. thanks for your help. Sincerely, Andres. Andysoft Project

Hi Andres, Let me confirm the following: 1. AMIS works in Debug mode 2. AMIS works in all (?) compatibility modes Are you having trouble with only some books or with all books? For example, are you able to read the user guide that comes with AMIS? Thanks Marisa

Hello. now the problem with AMIS is more bigger. I'm now having the next problem: AMIS is not working with the US English pack, but with the TTS voice of my system. and, I cannot navigate by the book with the arrows. some parts of the book are being played, but not in the corresponding place, and if I press the arrows, it stop sounding and I can't play or pause. this happen with all the compatibilitty mode, even in Debug b mode. if I uninstall AMIS, and I delete all files contained by AMIS, and I reinstall the program, then I get the same problem. what can I do for this? Thanks, Andres

Hi Andres, Can you send me the logfile produced by AMIS Debug? We can continue this via email -- write me at marisa.demeglio [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks Marisa