Created metadaat in OBI does not export in DAISY 2.02 ?


Hello Rachana,

because we would like to indicate in the metadata Source that the number we provide is the ISBN number and because it does not
seem possible in OBI 4.0 alpha, we created a new metadata Name ISBN with a Content like this 978-123-010 (as an example).

We used the OBI metadata View, then selected the 'Personnalisé' Nom (in french, probably Customized in the english version) then
entered ISBN as the Name then 978-123-010 in the Content, then Save, then Export as DAISY 2.02 then....this new metadata
is not in the exported NCC.HTML.

What do we miss ? Is it possible to export a metadata created by the end user ?

We were thinking to get this in the NCC.HTML:

<meta name="dc:ISBN content="978-123-010" />

Thanks for your help
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Hello Eric,

Thanks for informing us.
It looks specific in french obi.

We are looking into it.

Thanks & Regards

Hi Eric,

I think that validator may be throwing error after your addition of dc:isbn in the book. The scheme attribute is the right way.

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Thanks Avneesh for your reply. Just for me to be sure I understand: could you tell me if OBI allows the creation of new (customized) metadata or not ?
I created 3 new metadata name in OBI 4.0 alpha: DC:ISBN and NCC:ISBN and DTB:ISBN, each time with a value (like 978-123-010 or so). I used the 'Personnalisé' metadata view (the
last name). I receive no error at creation, no error at export DAISY 2.02 and no error running the Validator DAISY 2.02 (error display on screen or in a file).


P.S I will send you a screen capture in a mail of what I did in OBI so that you better see

You can export custom metadata in DAISY 3.0 export but not in DAISY 2.02. It is restricted. We can allow it in future if there is strong use case for it.
In case you really want to work on advancements, it is better to migrate to DAISY 3 or EPUB 3.
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