Created metadata in OBI and the SCHEME qualifier


Hello Rachana,

when we fill-in the SOURCE metadata in OBI we fill in with a number which is the ISBN of the paper book and finally it ends up in the
NCC HTML after exportation in DAISY 2.02 like this:

<meta name="dc:source" content="979-10-210-2031-3" />

so far so good.

We would like to indicate that this source is an ISBN number and not an ISSN one or whatever. We would like to use the SCHEME="ISBN" HTML attribut qualifier. How is it possible to do this in the OBI 4.0 alpha GUI ? In the GUI, we can update the Content of an existing metadata name (here dc:Source) but not easy to add SCHEME="ISBN" after the real content of the Source (I tried but the line in the exported NCC.HTML is awfull...)

We would like to end up with an HTML like this:

<meta name="dc:source" content="978-2-89448-864-5" scheme="ISBN"/>

So in the metadata view, could you add a third column (optional of course) for the SCHEME value ?

Thanks for your help

P.S: of course we can Edit the exported NCC HTML and add the scheme="ISBN" manually but we would prefer to do all the metadata entry
in the OBI GUI

Hi Eric,

Right now Obi's DAISY 2.02 export uses default scheme. It was done to keep it simple for end users.
We will see how we can extend metadata user interface for adding scheme while maintaining its simplicity. However it would not be possible in up coming Obi 4.0 release, because it requires UI refactoring. I am adding it to the list of feature requests.

With regards