Validation error - Endnotes

Hi -
I have a book with endnotes. It validates with the Save as DAISY plugin, however when I try to create the DAISY XML I get the attached error message.
The endnotes at the end of each chapter are renumbered from 1-.

Would anyone know what the problem is and how to resolve it?

Thank you!

in pattern contains (@idref, '#') and string-length(substring-before(@idref, '#')
noteref URL value does not resolve to a note element

Did you create the endnote using the Word features or the Acccessibility ribbon?

Check the Footnotes section in Acessibility ribbon > Help.

You may also send the document to me by email to check. My email ID is pverma[at the rate]

I've send you an email with the book in question -- thank you for checking it over!

I got your email and the file. I have just replied to the email.